Astrologist Sarah May Low does not read just Sun Signs or provides you daily horoscopes that you can find in the newspaper or magazines. Sarah is more concerned with how her forecasts might influence the lives and futures of her clients. She believes that we all have the power to change our own lives.

Sarah forecasts that the globe will only experience some form of  “stability” or “normality” after 2023. Many people blame these uncertain times on Covid-19, but it’s more than that. It is the age of the Aquarius, the sign that represents rebelliousness, going against the norm, the mad scientist, and the humanitarian. All these uprisings that have been happening in many countries are happening because people want change. The virus itself will never disappear. We need to learn to co-exist with it. The economic downturn and social instability will not end or be resolved overnight. We are rebuilding many things from scratch.

Sarah often talks with great confidence in her work while she’s delivering astrological readings for individuals or events. Also, since she has been conducting research and studying astrology for over a decade, that is probably why.

People are most likely to grow hooked to predictions when the predictions are correct. The situation becomes complicated when individuals come every year only to obtain a prediction. She says, “I chose to empower people rather than disempower them, I teach clients to believe in their own choices instead of just being addicted to readings, I can only give you the tools, but ultimately, you need to get the work done yourself’” according to Sarah, who left a well-paying job to pursue astrology as a full-time profession at the age of 30.

Many people, Sarah added, should use their readings to improve their lives rather than anticipate future events and go back for more readings without the intention to change themselves. Sarah also believes that Astrology is a language used to communicate and understand the people and situations around them. She avoids reading where people have the “lighter hits” later purpose of “manipulating” others and their situations. Sarah has referred to this as “dishonesty.”

For example, some ladies are dating their boyfriends for an extended period of time and are curious about the process of making their boyfriends get married to them or if they can change a colleague, boss, child, spouse, etc. You can never change a person; you can only change yourself. In her sessions, Sarah would usually rephrase her client’s questions so that there is more insight, for example, “am I being overlooked for advancement positions because of something I’m not doing?” vs. “how can I help someone else or make someone do something they were not going to do on their own?” as that is deliberate manipulation.

Sarah prefers that her business is known for helping people who are “seeking for transformation, not a prediction.”

When questioned about her thoughts on popular horoscopes, such as those available online or in publications, she says it is “Fun” to read. Still, you need to go into it much more in detail for astrology to help people change their lives or give them positive directions. Sarah told me, “I like to compare professional astrology to that of a professional doctor in the sense that it needs that much knowledge.”

When you provide professional services, you have to treat your clients with respect. Everything I’ve built in my life is at risk because of my reputation.

Despite her young age, beauty queen appearance, and experience, she worked hard for many years to prove her capability and intelligence. 

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