People react differently to challenges they face on the way to becoming successful. Some give in when the challenges become too much. Others see the challenges as stepping stones to greater heights. Samantha McGregor is one of the latter. Having faced her share of challenges, she hopes her story can be a source of inspiration to the younger generations and rising entrepreneurs in the world of digital marketing. She may be a successful digital strategist and email marketing expert, who sees it as her duty to guide other entrepreneurs, especially the female ones, onto the path to success, but the road was not always that smooth.

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, a place where she currently resides, Samantha always wanted to be successful like other people. So, she got formal education, graduated, and got a job with a firm that was focused on Email marketing. She was the VP of customer success and wanted to build a successful career for herself in that role. But, in that company, she faced some challenges from the people who thought she had no plans because she was not outspoken and also from the company who saw her talents, but for some reason, did not support her in the actualization of her dream. So, when the company was sold, she had to move, in pursuit of her dreams.

She drew inspiration from the CEO of the company she worked for, Wojciech Gryc. He was her mentor while she was at the company and even after she left. Wojciech is super smart, down-to-earth, and has the ability to make complex things look easy. He was also a philanthropist and had the tenacity and determination needed to be successful. Samantha learned a lot from him. So, when she needed the drive to keep going, Wojciech was there. He guided her on the path of consultancy and advised her to start her own business.

As someone who learns from her mistakes, she has actually taken something out of her biggest failure, her inability to launch an online course during the height of the pandemic. Being a perfectionist, sometimes to a fault, she paid the price for delay and procrastination. Now, she is trying to teach and guide people against making such mistakes in life.

Now, she has risen above all these setbacks and now runs a successful business online. Knowing what it means to feel pain and setbacks, she is hell-bent on making sure that people do not need to go through what she has gone through in life. Now, she has carved a niche for herself in the world of digital entrepreneurship. With her passion and excitement about what she does, she has been able to rise above all the challenges to be one of the reasons many faces are smiling today.

She does not plan to stop there. One of her biggest targets is making sure that she can start her email marketing agency, donate about a million dollars to the less privileged, and help people become more successful.

The case of Samantha was turning the rocks that were used to stone her into gems. We all can take a leaf or two from her book.

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