His outstanding performance on the field has won him fame and a huge fan following.

When we talk about our favourite sport, one name that pops out of our minds is that of football, which has a global appeal and is loved by people across continents. The popularity of the sport has given a huge platform to its players, who enjoy a crazy fan following globally. The passion with which people follow their favourite sport personality is amazing, and the hysteria these sports stars create has never been seen in any world sports till date. The love for this game and its players is a global phenomenon which has been observed since the inception of this game. When we talk about the popularity of football players, one name that comes to the forefront is that of Cumberland’s Jonquall Carrothers, whose gaming skills have been the talk of sports circles of late. His popularity has reached such soaring heights that he was featured in a special feature by CNN titled ‘America On Hold: We All Have a Story’ covered by Demetrius Pipkin.

He has been playing exceptionally well of late and his gaming skills have been observed closely, the reason he was chosen by such a big media platform for its special feature, which was really impressive. He has emerged as one of the best players who has consistently balanced his act on the field, which has got him rave reviews. The reason behind his growing popularity are aplenty, some of which include ranking second on the team with 52 total tackles, earning mid-south conference defensive player of the week honors and many more. There have been many instances and moments during the course of his football career which has displayed his winning streak that he is famous for.

He feels that this is just the beginning of his football career and a lot more is yet to be achieved. With the fast pace that he is moving forward, it won’t take much time for him to stand amongst the world’s best who have etched their name in the history of the game.