As the omicron cases keep on increasing, the stress on the federal government to curb the overall cases in the United States has been enormous. Though there is still a lot of information to be processed about the severity and other symptoms of the omicron variant. 

Spikes In Omicron And Delta Variant Cases In The Upcoming Days!

As per the World Health Organization, a lot of research and studies need to be conducted on the effect and severity of infection caused by the omicron variant on the human body. With the new strains coming up, it is important to understand how the virus is functioning across the globe. 

Spikes In Omicron And Delta Variant Cases In The Upcoming Days!

Furthermore, yesterday a senior official from Pfizer has stated that with the advancement in the covid 19 virus and the emergence of new variants in the world, the pandemic will end only by 2024. It also depends on the people and how they react to the vaccines. Vaccination is the only method to end this pandemic. 

Since the start of the summer season in the US, the Delta variant has been in a lethal form and almost killed 300,000 American citizens. As per the medical researchers, the delta variant will remain the most dangerous strain in the US but now the latest findings have shown that the omicron variant cases are visible clearly in the US. According to the latest statistics available, the medical agencies have claimed that the previous week 73 percent of the new cases have been confirmed with the Omicron variant.

The WHO scientists are willing to see and analyze what changes the omicron variant will bring in the course of pandemics that people now have been suffering from the past 2 years. With the third year coming up, the nations are witnessing the emergence of a new strain and the upcoming wave will be more disruptive as both strains will combine and this will give rise to the hospital admissions and death rates.

Now that the third stage of infection has arrived, the medical experts say that the omicron variant is nearly two times as contagious as the Delta variant and four times more contagious than the original virus. According to the health specialists, they are not clear about the fact whether the omicron variant can lead to the level of hospitalization where the public health systems start crashing. 

The healthcare experts in the US have predicted that by the end of next week, the omicron variant will takeover the delta variant and will be more dominant. 

Dr. Fauci has stated that people must learn from the previous events of the first covid wave. The citizens have understood that to prevent themselves from infection, they must get fully vaccinated and if eligible to receive a booster dose then they must get it done at the earliest. 

According to the doctors,  the booster dose is important to be taken by everyone as it holds the potential to strengthen your immune system against the attack of omicron.