Since the initial days of the emergence of the omicron variant in the world, it was expected to spread slowly but the pace at which this strain has started to travel is awkwardly tremendous and has been giving sleepless nights to the doctors and political leaders around the globe. 

Omicron Is Becoming The New Dominant Variant In The US

Alone in the United States, the omicron strain has already traveled to more than 45 states and the infection rate has jumped to 73 percent from 13 percent in some states. 

Omicron Is Becoming The New Dominant Variant In The US

Now as per the news Omicron, a rapidly spreading variant of COVID, is now the dominant form of the pandemic in the United States defeating the most lethal delta variant. Health officials are stepping up their efforts to end the pandemic by next year and on the other hand, Pfizer has stated that the pandemic will be extended till 2024. 

The Omicron cases now account for 73% of all news cases in the United States in the week ending Saturday. It already accounts for more than 90% of new infections in some parts of the country, including the Pacific Northwest, the South, and parts of the Midwest.

President Biden is set to address the nation on Tuesday about the COVID-19 briefing to the news in the White House. Prior to this, one White House staff member tested positive for COVID after spending 30 minutes in close proximity to the President. 

As per the inside news, the staff person was fully vaccinated and also received the booster shot. President Joe Biden has stated that the country will not be put on lockdown as the situation will be under control and the wide availability of the vaccine has made it easy for the medical agencies to curb the infection.

There have been less than 1500 confirmed cases of Omicron in the country so far, but the new COVID 19 variant could be responsible for the next wave in the month of January.

Every day new cases of the omicron strain have been detected in the United States and With over 90% of cases reported in New York, New Jersey, and other regions. The positivity rate and the infection percentage rate is increasing at an alarming rate.

The United States is reporting a significant increase in the number of cases when compared to the previous week’s cases. The total number of average daily cases in the United States has crossed more than 135,000 and is increasing at an average of 34 percent.

In nearly half of the states, the number of cases has nearly doubled in the last week. The increased cases have resulted in the reintroduction of restrictions and the straining of the country’s testing infrastructure in advance of holiday travel and gatherings.

When compared to the Delta variant, the Omicron virus has not caused any severe symptoms in patients; however, Omicron has higher transmissibility and is spreading faster than the Delta variant. The omicron can also be found in people who have been fully vaccinated or who have recovered from the COVID-19.ṣ