The cases of the Omicron variant are increasing in the various parts of the country in the US and some states are in danger of community transmission. 

According to the latest data available, 73 percent of the news infection cases are from the newly detected variant of the Covid 19 omicron.

The Next Wave Is Expected In The Upcoming Weeks & Will Effect All States

As per the reports, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is collaborating with state and local public health authorities to track the propagation of Omicron.

The Next Wave Is Expected In The Upcoming Weeks& Will Effect All States

It has been estimated that the omicron variant has crossed more than 48 state borders and has started to disrupt the lives of the people.  

Omicron has now been discovered in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions as of December 20, 2021, and it is speedily increasing the levels of COVID-19 instances.  The Omicron version is much more likely to transmit than the previous SARS-CoV-2 virus, and also how quickly Omicron spreads especially in comparison to Delta is unidentified and medical researchers are already analyzing the latest data available. 

According to the latest findings, The US CDC has claimed that the Omicron variant is capable enough to spread the infection to all others irrespective of the vaccination coverage or do not have any symptoms. 

The World Health Organization which has labeled this variant as the “variant of concern” has also stated that the scientists require more time and some more research to determine whether Omicron will affect people severely, particularly reinfected and completely vaccinated people. 

More studies are being conducted on determining if the hospitalization rate will increase due to the transmissibility power because the omicron subtype carries around 50 mutants.  Recent vaccines are intended to safeguard against critical disease, hospital admissions, but lose their power against the omicron variant, stated in the initial finding from South Africa and the US scientists. 

While the Omicron COVID-19 version spreads around the world, the US federal government has been continuously monitoring the travel restrictions and their implementation. The White House Administration has directed all the testing centers to increase the testing capacity as it will allow more people to get tested and if mid symptoms are detected they can be easily isolated. 

There are long queues of citizens for Covid 19 testing amid the start of the festive weekend and more people will be traveling to their homes to spend time with their families and celebrate Christmas and New year with them. 

The 58 million unvaccinated US citizens might be the major reason for the widespread of the new variant in the upcoming weeks. The next wave is expected to hit the United States after the holidays when people will be back to their work. The winter season has started so the covid 19 virus will travel faster now. 

The next wave will be of the deadly combination of both variants of coronavirus that has possessed the power to disrupt the medical system of the United States.