With more than 270 million cases around the globe, 50 million covid 19 infected patients have been found only in the United States. The journey has been very juggling for the population of the United States and over 830,000 people have lost their precious lives due to the coronavirus. 

Major Drop In The Life Expectancy Rate Amongst The United States

The emergence of new variants of Covid 19 has made people consider this as a new normal. Also, many medical experts have been debating that after every 6-8 months there will be an entry of a new strain of the Covid 19.

Major Drop In The Life Expectancy Rate Amongst The United States

In the month of June, the delta variant hit the borders of the United States killing around 300,000 citizens, and straight after 6 months, to beat the previous version of covid 19 the new variant emerged called “Omicron variant”. 

The coronavirus hits the immunity system of the human body and hence badly infects the lungs that leading to issues in breathing.

According to healthcare experts in the US, the life expectancy rate in the United States was considered to be 78.8 years. 

Now as per the latest studies and reports, the life expectancy rate has fallen by approximately 2.3 percent. Now the new life expectancy rate is 77 years which has fallen by 1.8 years and it is considered as a major drop.

Since the last two years, the negative impact of the covid 19 virus has been tremendous, and alone in the previous year approximately 350,000 American citizens were dead.

According to the findings, there is a major drop in the life expectancy rate in men as compared to women’s. The average living years decline by 2.1 years in men whereas 1.5 years in women.

The Covid 19 is the biggest cause of death and reduces the life expectancy rate amongst the American population after diabetes and drug overdose. The rise in the mortality rate is also caused by the covid 19 virus. 

The immunity power of people has started to reduce and this is what actually matters the most for the covid 19 virus. It attacks the immunity system and causes people to get hospitalized. 

Although since last one year people have become more conscious about their health. The stress level has increased in the past two years and there is an increase of almost 30 percent of depression cases in the United States. 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been continuously asking people to get vaccinated at the earliest as it will help in fighting the coronavirus. 

On the other hand, the booster shot is the major source to enhance the immunity power as it increases the response time of the immunity system by 25 folds. 

People need to understand the importance of vaccination and to survive in the long term and reduce the mortality rate in the country we need to get vaccinated as soon as possible.