Luwuciferx went viral on TikTok cosplaying as the character Dabi from My Hero Academia. Fans went crazy about the videos he posted driving focusing on his hands. He amassed thousands of followers on his social media and even made a business selling signed polaroids of his hands.

As part of his cosplay, Luwuciferx’s forearm is covered in a pink-purplish paint to replicate burn scars with silver staples towards his wrists. Now, if you’re an anime otaku, then you know that this is a very creative and accurate representation of Dabi, alias Blueflame, whose quirk is his blue flame.

There’s a lot more history to this ingenious tattoo on Luwuciferx’s arm that will only become more apparent when you get more detail about the character that he is cosplaying as, but this is not the article to tell you that. This article exists to satisfy your curiosity about making scary fake wounds on your hands or anywhere else, for that matter. When coming up with any cosplay costume, you will generally require some basic make-up skills to achieve precision in your representation. The following steps are a simpler alternative to make-up that Luwuciferx suggests to achieve a realistic wound.

What you will require:

  • Paint brushes
  • Aluminum foil or silver/gray pieces of paper
  • Red, Purple, and Black body paint
  • white glue


1. Using the white glue, draw the scope of the wound you are trying to achieve.

2. Wait for the white glues to start drying.

3. Using a toothpick, break up the white glues that will dry up before long to make it look disfigured like a scar.

4. Use the scouring pad to get rid of the excess white glues.

5. Immerse the cotton swab into the red ink moderately and let it soak up some ink. Smear the ink all over the wound to give an impression of an injury.

6. Immerse the scouring pad into the red ink and smear it all over the white glues to reinforce the look of the injury and make it appear like a fresh and livid bruise.

7. Leave the red ink and white glues to dry. At this point, you’re already halfway done with your wound.

8. Using a toothpick, scrape the interior white glues to lift them. The goal is to achieve the scaley or flakey look of a wound. 

9. Smear some more red ink through the picked-up white glue using the cotton swab.

10. To make the wound appear more lifelike, smear the ink unevenly and add several coats as you deem fit.

11. Wait for the ink to dry, and voila! You have your scary wound.

There are an innumerable number of ways to make realistic wounds, scars, and other skin effects. Before buying any product for skin application, Luwuciferx advises that you read the label and any further instructions on the container. Avoid brands that warn against using their product as a cosmetic or on your body. Additionally, even if the product is safe for use, ensure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients used in making that product.No effect is beyond the capacity of the human being to achieve. With the right knowledge and tools in your hands, nothing can stop you from forming your own realistic wounds. Luwuciferx has his own brand SHDW studio inspired by darkwear and japanese artwork based off of his hands.