The outbreak and contagious spread of Covid 19 along with the recent winter surge in the number of Covid Cases is the prime concern of the US government. The New York state governor while addressing the recent situation of Covid in New York stated, “As winter is around the corner, we should be alert and more prepared to combat Covid 19. 

Kathy Hochul Shares The Latest Updates On Covid In The New York State

The medical Authorities in New York have been directed to make sure to use all the tools in the right combination to ensure that we safeguard ourselves and our loved ones from Covid infection. 

Kathy Hochul Shares The Latest Updates On Covid In The New York State

She also stated that I urge all the New York citizens to get vaccinated at the earliest in order to enjoy the fullest with their families and friends this Christmas festival holidays. The eligible adult population must come forward and take their booster shots as it offers instant immunity power to fight against the new variant of covid 19 omicron. 

As per the news, the local civic bodies have been asked to keep an eye on the indoor and outdoor gatherings. She also said that if you are indoors please be vigilant and wear a mask as it will offer extra caution in large gatherings. Let us make sure our loved ones remain protected and safe against the omicron subtype of coronavirus.

The latest test reported in New York is 258,612. The number of positive cases is 23,391. The overall positive percentage is 9.04% which has been up by double fold. Each day the average of positive cases is 7.40%.  The patient hospitalization rate as of now is 4,020. The number of hospitalizations in New York continues to rise. However, there is a great relief when it comes to patient discharge. The total number of discharges is around 223,654. The total number of deaths compiled by the CDC is 60,500.

Till now the state government is able to fully vaccinate around 69 percent of the total population and 82.2 percent of the citizens have received at least a single dose of the vaccine.

Moreover, the spread of Omicron is one of the major concerns of the New York government right now due to the increase in the positivity rate and the high chances of community transmission. The highly transmissible Covid variant is spreading at an enormous rate and has been able to cover 73 percent of the cases. 

Though the virus is believed to be mild, it is highly contagious. Scientists and medical experts are still analyzing the scope and characteristics of the virus. 

Besides, it is expected that CDC will soon reveal some more data on the Omicron variant. The statistical model will provide considerable insights into the spread of the new variant in New York and other parts of the US.

Positively, the number of vaccinations across the US has increased, The US citizens are taking their booster shots and vaccination dose. The US government is also emphasizing the need for vaccination and the role it can play in preventing oneself from Covid infection. However, CDC anticipates that there is a high possibility of a steep increase in the Omicron variant cases in the coming week.