How did you grow your business to 1,300 students so quickly?

Word-of-mouth. Once someone found us and got value out of what we do, they got their friends to join. No amount of good marketing collateral can beat a referral. 

What drives you?

I want to change lives. My goal is to impact the lives of billions of people, giving them access to opportunities they couldn’t get otherwise. Whether that’s through teaching them to trade or creating scholarships to help those who need it, I want to have a massive, positive impact on the world.

How do you define success?

To me, success is about supporting yourself and those around you. I’d consider myself successful if I were able to affect fundamental changes in the lives of others. That means transforming their opportunities, their lifestyles, and their actions in a way that lasts for generations. I want to not just support people today, but lift them out of challenging life situations permanently. 

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