When you look at the work done by a music publishing company, the easiest way to look at it is to portray music publishing companies as composers’ recorders.

Although this is a little too simple, as you can see, music publishing companies share a lot of goals for their songwriters, which is to tag artists for their lists.

So, what do music publishing companies really do? Their main task is to communicate with the composers, to provide their song songs to the composers and anyone who may need them for any reason (advertising, film, advertising campaign, etc.) to license the use of the song. Shows them and collects licensing fees. This is commonly known as managing a song.

In these basic functions, you can see that music publishing companies accomplish these goals in a variety of ways. Some publishing companies are very busy and get involved in everything from the creative process to heavy upgrades. For example, many one-on-one publishing companies are dedicated to providing feedback to composers on their work, offering new direction suggestions, and matching songwriters for collaborative endeavors that they think might produce interesting results. Slowly

Companies involved in the creative process are also those who tend to be significantly more active as long as they do their job with the songwriter and create new opportunities for their listings.

Other publishing companies are far fewer than their customers. They tend to evaluate a compound, decide on its profitability potential and then “buy” a piece of their franchise.

These companies contribute to their creative support of songwriters and respond to licensing opportunities as needed. Although they still manage the songs in their playlists, they tend to actively respond to suggestions instead of leaving them and trying to create them.

Types of publishing companies

In addition to the different “styles” of music publishing, there are different types of publishing companies. There are so many types of record labels that many publishing companies are actually associated with (or self) tags. Types of music publishing companies include:

Major – These are the big boys associated with the Big Three tags. Warner-Chappell is probably the best known.

Major Affiliated – These are independent print companies that have their own dealings with major disciplines to manage their licenses. Think of these as independent distributed brands.

Independent – These publishing companies are signs of the world of music publishing. They run one of their major disciplines without management. They also provide for themselves.

Writer-Publishers – It is impossible for a songwriter to manage his own publications. If it does, it may hire someone to handle your case, but that person is a songwriter who gets paid for their work / hourly wages – not a Representative of a publishing company that takes a cut off the revenue generated by a song.

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