The current year’s Hispanic Heritage Festival, facilitated by the American-Hispanic Women’s Association (AHAM), will include 22 of 25 Hispanic cultures and have 21 businesses and eateries taking an interest.

Organizers consider it as an opportunity for cultural exchange.

“The Hispanic community in Greenville is a growing community,” said Pamela Ortega, director of marketing for AHAM. “Greenville and the Upstate have welcomed them with open arms. Hispanics in the area are so proud to call it home and they are so happy to share their heritage and culture with their new friends and neighbors.”

Also, AHAM considers this to be as an approach to instruct the Hispanic community group on the traditions and cultures of one another.

“Their husband is from the United States and they’re from Venezuela, so her daughter has two different cultures [in her life]” said Vanessa Campana, president-elect of AHAM. “This festival is an opportunity to show her and other children different Hispanic cultures.”

The festival will highlight local dress, dancing, and an variety of food including tamales, tacos, tostadas, and fajitas from Mexico; pollo asado, empanadas, and pernil de puerco from Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Peru; and desserts and beverages from other Latin American countries.

Despite the fact that this occasion is to celebrate Hispanic culture, non-Hispanic businesses are welcome to give food, Ortega said. The celebration will permit little Hispanic businesses, for example, one that sells Mexican spices, to advance themselves during the occasion.

Notwithstanding stimulation, guests can get artesania (crafts) including the Mexican doll Lele Amealco in the La Tiendita (the little store).

As indicated by Campana, a year ago’s festival pulled in 1,000 people.

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