Government authorities say they will investigate a gathering of 30 “disruptive” high schoolers who American Airlines eliminated from a Bahamas-bound flight on Monday.

American Airlines said the teenagers were kicked off flight 893 from Charlotte to Nassau after they were advised to wear federally ordered masks, created a scene, and didn’t adhere to the directions of the group. A source acquainted with the occurrence said the gathering was oversaw by just a single grown-up who was close to 22 years of age.

“The FAA is aware of the incident and investigates all reports it receives from airlines,” said a statement from the agency, which has received a total of more than 3,200 reports of unruly passengers this year, with three-quarters of issues over the transportation-wide mask mandate.

“They were being very obnoxious,” passenger Malik Banks told CNN affiliate WSOC. “I would say 75% to 80% of them were being terrible kids, saying smart stuff.”

The trip organizer recognized on Wednesday that travelers should keep the carrier and government rules, however asserted just a single understudy out of 47 was acting gravely. American Airlines said 30 of the understudies were involved with the occurrence.

Eugene Winer of trip organizer, Breakaway Beach, revealed to CNN that “any passenger not abiding by aviation rules and regulations must be removed from an aircraft,” however said the organization was disappointed on the grounds that it felt the understudies were all things considered marked as unruly.

“(T)he act of one individual is not the responsibility of others, and the students that were abiding by the rules should not have had to endure this type of treatment,” Winer said. “The group was treated in an improper and overly harsh manner, causing unnecessary stress and aggravation to the travelers and their parents from afar.”

Winer said the passengers of flight 893 headed for the Bahamas sat on the airplane in Charlotte for around two hours anticipating goal of a mechanical issue with the flight, and “during this time some passengers including the students may have removed masks due to no air-conditioning/ventilation, quite unbearable conditions.”

American Airlines gave clients hotel vouchers and was rescheduled flight 893 to withdraw Tuesday morning, at last leaving with the teens on board. Breakaway said it dealt with the costs of lodging, food, and transportation for the high schoolers back to the air terminal on Tuesday.