The importance of vaccination is utmost as the rise in the Covid 19 cases in the United States have created a sense of havoc amongst the population and medical authorities. 

Booster Shots & Vaccination To Be Available At Homes Like Testing Kit

Medical experts and health officials have been urging American citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible due to the upcoming wave of both variants. 

Booster Shots & Vaccination To Be Available At Homes Like Testing Kit

Dr. Anthony Fauci who has been a great advocate of booster shots considers it an important tool to fight against the omicron variant in the US.

Talking of the pandemic and the new variants coming up, the testing methods are becoming increasingly mandatory and compulsory. The U.S. strategies have not been much focused on the testing methods but now it is the need of the hour.

The biggest update that is coming up is that the White House is about to make a purchase of 500 million antigen-based home testing kits. The citizens of America are free to order them at their homes at any time as it doesn’t require any doctor prescriptions. 

The need has been raised because the initial studies have shown that the booster shots are effective enough to enhance the immunity power by 25 folds. The vaccines have been found ineffective and inefficient to stand against the omicron variant of the Covid 19.

As per the Administration, the deliveries of the vaccines and the booster shots will not be started till January because a lot of research and data is required to be analyzed before starting this move. 

Although this initiative is highly appreciated and will help the people to get their tests done and receive reports just sitting at home. 

Earlier this week the Federal Government directed all the states and medical agencies in the country to ramp up the testing facilities and allow more people to get tested before they travel and celebrate holidays.

It will become much easier to isolate people who possess mild symptoms and curbing the infection can become effective. 

The main focus is to make the testing for infection increasingly available and less expensive to be afforded by the citizens. This is necessary to promote equity and let everyone get vaccinated as soon as possible because this is what the nation wants at this point in time. 

The omicron variant is on the verge of becoming one of the dominant strains of the original virus in the US. As per the latest statistics released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention around 73 percent of the new cases in the US have been detected with the Omicron. 

To fight the infection, medical experts have advised people to receive their booster dose at the earliest. If you have been fully vaccinated with Moderna, J&J, or Pfizer vaccines, you are eligible to get the booster dose after a specified period as it enables the eligibility criteria. 

It was also seen that several pharmacy stores had run out of the kits and people were bound to opt for on-site testing. The shortage of testing kits also signifies the increasing cases and doubts around the omicron variant.