BarterUnit, the first full spectrum privatized complementary currency system is planning to implement a Universal Basic Income (UBI) program, indiscriminately issuing every U.S. citizen a monthly grant in the form of an alternative currency. The Barter Unit UBI program will provide participants 1000 Barter Units per month as an anti-poverty measure.

The economic experiment is the brainchild of Phillip H. Perez. Perez is the Founder and CEO of BarterUnit LLC. His goal is to independently restructure the U.S. economy.

“The goal of the BarterUnit establishment is to build a transformative movement – a movement with substance and tenacity for structural change. Structural change that will protect the American people from self-perpetuating banking oligarchies, corporate greed and general political corruption,” says Perez.

The UBI program is set to launch May 1, 2020. Access to the On-line-Registration Form will be available May 1, 2020 via the company website at The mobile application is available on the Apple and GooglePlay Store.


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