Love is in the air!

A lot of good news are coming up and the information from your favourite youth icon is surely going to brighten your day up by leaps and bounds, you will be delighted to know that all the rumours about Atul Kishan Sharma’s engagement are indeed true an only today he got married to the most beautiful woman.

His verified Instagram page has provided a lot of information to the people and he has uploaded, reposted the storeys of some people who have congratulated him on social media. His ceremony happened today and it was enjoyable by a number of people. Number of family members have been posting about the ceremony, it was a themed one and very auspicious looking, the 1st post was him sitting with a garnish statue, while the rituals were going on, there were all the important members and the elders present so that they can provide their blessings once it is over.

The second post from the official account of Atul Kishan Sharma provides a brief detail about how good of a performer he is. Apparently, one of the family members must have uploaded somethings from the engagement ceremony, which was so beautiful that people could not resist taking tonnes of pictures while they were present. All the best wishes to him right so that we can have a beautiful life together, which is ahead of them and full of opportunities.

The young businessman already had almost everything one could ever want in life, beginning from business opportunities to and establish entertainment house, fame, working along with youtubers and popular people, there was only one thing missing and that was a good life partner and today he is successful in that field also.

Follow the official Instagram account to know more updates and make sure to the young celebrity well so that you can also express your joy if you already have not come up his Instagram profile is very active and gives us an insight on his personal life and also he’s official one, what a professional and down to earth person!