Now it’s been almost two years since the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus in the United States and the population has seen strict lockdowns and other restrictions which has increased the stress level.

The Americans Are Now Exhausted And Drained From COVID-19

Some medical experts are claiming that people must consider these situations as a new normal.  According to the latest data available the life expectancy rate in the United States has reduced by at least 2.3 percent which is a matter of concern as the lowest life expectancy rate was during the second world war. 

The Americans Are Now Exhausted And Drained From COVID-19

As the holiday season approaches the government officials and health experts are now gauging the potential risk of Covid 19. The wake of the Omicron variant has caused great unrest across the US.

The highly transmissible omicron variant is expected to surge the number of Covid cases in the nation in the upcoming days and also it has become the dominant variant beating the delta strain and recording 73 percent of the total covid 19 cases in the country. 

Moreover, Americans are showing their disinterest and are exhausted with the way government officials are handling the situation. The hospitals are at their saturation point, there is a shortage of medical staff especially nurses, and medical supplies. 

The citizens are now tired of the Covid variants and the spread of the infection. But as per Pfizer, the covid 19 will be extended till 2024 with more upcoming variants.  

A restriction on large indoor gatherings is expected to be announced soon in a major part of the US. The Americans are agitated with the decision and have expressed their rage but nothing can be done as there are many unvaccinated individuals who are a real threat for all and will be the major reason for the outbreak of the new variant in the country.

The Omicron variant will soon be the dominant variant and has already started showing its true colors. The unvaccinated patients account for a large number of hospitalizations and deaths across the US. The vaccinated population and people who have taken their booster shots are well-protected from the severe illness even if they catch omicrons. 

As per the data available, 30 percent of the eligible adult population has received the booster shot which is less than the expected rate. President Biden and Dr. Fauci have been urging all the adults to receive the booster shots as it is the only pathway to stay protected and secure. 

Besides, health authorities have stated warnings for the unvaccinated population. They are urging people to take their dose of vaccination. Dr. Anthony Fauci in this recent public address has requested people to stay indoors and wear masks. He also urges people to avoid unnecessary traveling.

The corporates and many institutions in the US have canceled their plans for Christmas and new year parties and large gatherings. Broadway has also canceled the majority of the shows due to the recent rise in the new variant Covid cases.