Zoom is adding a new field for pronouns today, alongside options to manage when they’re shown. Pronouns will show up in parentheses next to people’s names in calls, basically equivalent to what they’ve looked like up to this point when individuals have physically entered them. They’ll likewise be noticeable under individuals’ names on their profile cards.

Pronouns will be visible by default on the profile pages for accounts on the free Basic Zoom plan, just as for accounts with a single licensed user. The field will be off naturally for accounts with numerous clients, however administrators can turn it in on their account settings.

Individuals can likewise choose whether they need their pronouns to be shared in meetings and online courses. There are options in profile settings for Zoom to consistently share, never share, or to ask during each meeting if pronouns ought to be shown. This flexibility could be helpful for individuals who utilize various pronouns in different settings, however note that pronouns are as of now consistently noticeable in the profile card.

Zoom is among a few sites and services that have carried out dedicated pronoun fields as of late. Instagram and Slack both added them last month, and Twitter is dealing with a pronoun field for its revamped profiles.