With the latest delta variant of covid 19, the Zero Covid plan seems like a long shot. New Zealand the first country that declared itself covid free in 2020 has now abandoned the zero covid strategies as it seems really hard to let go of delta variant. 

New Zealand had adopted the strictest measures to control the covid and had almost succeeded in this as well but on Monday the administration announced that this is becoming too hard and seems like a long lost dream.

Zero Covid Seems Like A Long Lost Dream Now

The same was adopted by China and Taiwan which involved having strict lockdown and heavily checked borders for potential infection or virus entering the country. However, with the delta variant becoming dominant many weeks later in the body these measures are of not much use.

Delta variant is 60% more easily transmissible as compared to other variants of the virus which makes it more deadly.

Zero Covid Seems Like A Long Lost Dream Now

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who had received praises previously for putting the whole country under strict lockdown in the early stages of the pandemic said that now the country will be relaxing its restrictions as new measures need to be taken in tackling the delta variant. 

New Zealand`s shift in nature comes after Australia gave up on its Zero covid approaches and announced that the new normal will be to live with the virus. Lockdown had many difficulties as the economy of the nations were in dire conditions, many people were left jobless and the livelihood of people became difficult.  

Lawrence Young, a professor, and virologist from the University of Warwick said that there is no point in trying for zero covid strategies as the delta variant has changed the game completely. However, the measures employed by Australia and New Zealand are commendable in controlling the other variants and have succeeded very much as well.

It will be futile to completely eliminate the covid 19 and the same has been backed up by scientists as well as many countries are yet to get their vaccination, lockdown will however help in slowing the virus. 

Ardern on Monday said that the zero covid strategies were the right one with complete lockdown when the vaccination rollouts were limited and only the health care personnel were receiving it.

It has been recorded that now 52% of all the Auckland citizens are fully vaccinated while 84% of the people have received at least one dose of vaccine making the hospitalization cases go lower.

Auckland is one of the few areas in the world with such high vaccination numbers and very low hospitalization cases. The doctors and health care experts have urged the citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible only with which the covid virus chain can be broken. 

In other news, zero covid strategies are still in place for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China and said it will continue with strict measures in order to maintain the spread of the virus. Many other Asian countries have also followed this including Vietnam, South Korea, Macau, and Singapore.

India which was in the center of the Delta variant outburst is now seeing less than 20,000 cases and the death rate in India is as low as 200 which is far lesser than America considering the population in both countries and that the vaccination is still not 50% in India.

Many experts believe that the main cause of cases in America is because of the lack of social distancing and not wearing masks. Biden administration has said that they have put out more resources and build more testing centers to combat this issue.