With many youngsters coming into the field of digital marketing with so many hidden talents up their sleeve, it’s important that the are contrasting ideas and innovations to bring about a different side of the new age digital marketing that helps it stand out from the traditional methods of marketing.

Zeel Thacker, the 17-year old tech genius is someone who stepped into the world of technology with an aim to revolutionize the field with his ideas and introduce people to his unique work plans and marketing strategies customized according to the needs of each of the clients.
He was always determined to work towards success even before trying his luck at digital marketing, during his early teenage years. He always knew he was not the one to follow the path that everyone seemed to take. He was more of a rebel who wanted to show the other side of him and make something worthwhile out of it. He didn’t want to be similar or identical to the ideas that others out forward. He simply didn’t choose his career following his ancestors.

He was particular that he took up a career that brought he best in him. It was at the age of 14, that Zeel came to know about the potential that he had inside him. He helped out a struggling business to expand their business to more people using his out-of-the-box marketing strategies. The company was quite impressed with his work and that was when he decided he must take a shot at digital marketing and utilise his skills in technology for a bright career.

Zeel has also been known for giving technical support to well-known companies from different industries.
He, who is an expert in YouTube marketing,SEO building, online advertising through Google AdSense is a name that is indeed going to top all the major media sites in the coming years.

Tiktok is not just an entertainment platform. Through his constant effort and dedication he has earned 3 lakhs from Tiktok alone.
It doesn’t end there. He has earned about Rs.80,000 from Facebook alone and has earned 2-3 lakhs from instagram alone.
Now he is currently working with teamwizardmedia as marketing management head.

With a focused and determined mind brimming with passion and determination, he wants to create a difference, by utilising his potential to he maximum. He wants to be seen among the top technological geniuses in India.