A popular Hip-Hop/Rap artist on the rise, Yung Gecko has produced and recorded a multitude of songs which were able to gain a few million total streams across all platforms in 2020. With each new song released, Yung Gecko strives to put out unique projects which are able to showcase his musical variety. From slow songs to faster, upbeat works, Yung Gecko includes deep and meaningful lyrics as well as amusing lines for comedic relief.

To Yung Gecko, it is crucial for music to bring out emotions from people to connect with his messages. Everyone interprets music differently and Yung Gecko leaves some of his verses open to interpretation for the listener. Wanting to inspire his audience, nothing is more important to Yung Gecko than seeing someone enjoy even one aspect of his production. The ability to leave a positive impact on someone’s ears is something he wouldn’t trade for anything else. Yung Gecko wants to spread his passion for music to everyone who engages with his works and inspire them to pursue their dreams and aspirations. In the coming years, he hopes to continue releasing music and expanding his vocal arsenal, experimenting with other genres within the base classification of Hip-Hop/Rap.