Instagram model, fashion and lifestyle influencer, and one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Middle East, Youmna Khoury does it all, and too with immense grace and style. It is not easy to become a lifestyle influencer. You can often get trapped into the glamorous world of social media and there often remains no boundary between your personal life and your life on social media. Moreover, in the day and age of lip fillers, face lifts, and fox eyes, it is often hard to keep up with the unrealistic beauty standards that the society sets for both men and women. In addition to this, these beauty standards often also lower your self esteem as you start believing that you are not perfect enough.

Youmna talks about all these things and a lot more that comes with being a lifestyle influencer. She talks about how the glamorous Instagram life does have an impact on you. She further talked about how people tend to body shame others and how skinny bodies are considered to be beautiful bodies. Youmna gets candid about how she has to deal with these comments as well. However, being the boss that she is, Youmna states that she always ignores such comments and flaunts her beautiful curves like a champ. Youmna further says that in order for you to become a lifestyle influencer, you need to know your self worth and have a thick skin because people will have some nasty things to say about you or your life. 

Furthermore, Youmna talks about how there are many positive things to being an influencer too. She states that she gets to interact with some of the most lovely and kind people all over the world. She also talks about how amazing it is to talk to your fans and when people send in their love and support. Moreover, you also get to travel to many fun places around the world, explore different countries and cultures and experience new things. She says that travelling is one of the most fun things you could do as an influencer. Furthermore, there are many amazing companies and businesses that collaborate with you in some interesting ventures. Youmna talks about how becoming an influencer is actually like a full time job. However, instead of sitting behind an office desk and working on things that you do not like, you actually do something that you love.

It is a known fact that the glamorous life of Instagram influencers is quite different from their personal lives. Youmna elaborates on this matter more and talks about how you must not believe in everything that you see on social media. A lot of those pictures are far from reality since they are highly edited. Youmna says that she has always managed to maintain a boundary between her personal and professional life which helps her a lot in maintaining her mental health. Youmna also advises her young followers to know their self worth and make sure that they do not take the internet very seriously.