The Xbox Series X/S’s handy Quick Resume feature, which suspends supported games so they boot up more immediately when you return to them later, is getting some nice improvements in the May Xbox update.

When the update is installed on your console, you’ll have the option to see which games are kept in Quick Resume with a new tag, and you’ll also be able to make a group of games in Quick Resume so you to approach every one of them in a single spot.

Microsoft is additionally encouraging that Quick Resume will have “improved reliability and faster load times,” Microsoft’s Jonathan Hildebrandt said in a blog entry.

The new update also adds passthrough sound for media applications like Disney Plus and Apple TV, implying that audio from those applications can be sent straightforwardly to a compatible HDMI device. There are likewise new parental settings that let parents unblock multiplayer mode for singular games and a new dynamic background.

The May update ought to be rolling out now, and it may as of now be accessible for you. While composing this story, I booted up my Series X and it installed.

Microsoft additionally declared that it will be sunsetting the Xbox One SmartGlass application for PC beginning in June. “This means the SmartGlass app will be removed from the Windows Store and there will be no further updates for those who have the app already downloaded to their devices,” Microsoft said,” Microsoft said.