Luxury Antonovich Design has been recognized in the international industry of Architecture and interior design with its signature style of luxury and grandeur reflecting Arabian palaces and great design implementations in modern and trendy style. Luxury Antonovich Design has been set the highest standard in every project implementations that develops architecture and interior design all over the world.  Being the world’s top luxury interior design company – Luxury Antonovich Design has been accomplished numerous success towards developing luxurious projects that deal in Hospitality, commercial, residential, and even industrial architecture. This award-winning Architecture and Interior Design Company is owned by the world’s top luxurious interior designer – Katrina Antonovich. As she personally runs and directed the Luxury Antonovich Design, Katrina stands as the Chief Designer and Architect of the company that is very hands-on in every company operations. Katrina Antonovich is always making sure that every project that the company is handling will have her personal touches of elegance and that would be considered as one of the secretin every success of every project as it forms to a very special destabilization of luxuriousness with a signature style of Katrina Antonovich.

Katrina Antonovich inherits her creativity and artistic talent thru her ancestors which also deals in Architecture and interior design industry for decades already. With a great leadership and great value in excellence, Katrina Antonovich has managed the continued success of Luxury Antonovich Design. It has become the top of the choice of every local and international VIP’s, government leaders, royal families, the world’s top investors, and businessman in developing their multi-level properties. Luxury Antonovich Design is the builder of the world’s iconic architecture and interior design such as palaces in South Africa, Arabian Villas in the UAE, Mosque and government establishment in the Middle East, Modern apartments and villas in Eastern Europe and Asia, Luxury Hotels in London and High-end villas in the USA. Being the world’s top luxurious interior design company, Luxury Antonovich Design has the highest standard when it comes to manpower recruitment to make sure that each member of the team has the full ability to contribute to the highest level of creativity and art towards every project execution that the company is handling. Luxury Antonovich Design has its in-house high caliber team that is composed of the world’s top professional architects, engineers, project managers, and design team that has been professionally practiced their skills and ability in the international industry of Architecture and Interior design.

With a great passion towards every work performances, Luxury Antonovich Design Team is always inspired creating a different masterpiece and artistic design in the form of every Architecture and interior design work that is being executed. Every project is guaranteed to achieve the most desirable structural design with a world’s class formation of the most luxurious and elegant result.