As a successful teenager millionaire entrepreneur from Canada, Idrees Kickz achieved all that he desired so far.

There is no dearth of talents in this world across business industries, especially in the online and e-commerce spaces that are driven by young talented minds. The trend has been such in current years, especially via way of means of very young commercial business personalities that some of them have even become leading names leaving behind the established entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Coming at the leading edge of the commercial e-commerce business withinside the shoes and sneakers niche is yet another proficient mind, who stands unique from others also because of his young age and astute skills in the entrepreneurial world. He is Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees Kickz from Toronto, Ontario who believed he should acquire achievement getting into the e-commerce area and that is what he achieved. He has become the sneaker reseller and entrepreneur that he always wanted to become.

Youngsters wish to buy the rarest editions of their favourite sneaker brands at affordable rates and Idrees Kickz caters to all these people crazily in love with famous sneaker brands at unbelievable rates. Focusing on these needs of people is Idrees Kickz who for his ardour for shoes changed into a sneaker entrepreneur and took over the e-commerce area at only 19 years of age.

Getting into the business world proved to be the best choice for this talented young mind. From the age of thirteen, he started out running in the direction of accomplishing his dreams. He first dealt withinside the commercial industry of purchasing and promoting stuff online after which completely centered on buying specific and famous sneaker manufacturers and resold them for gaining a few profits. As his business saw newer heights of growth, Idrees Kickz planned to start his brand “Woiair”, which later even got expanded into other niches. Idrees Kickz has in a short span, gained the confidence to even dive into real estate space, digital space and merchandise apart from his presence in the sneaker reselling world.

On accomplishing an outstanding momentum as a youngster businessman, Idreeskickz says, “The profession that I actually have created for myself is the end result of consistent hustling and studying new things every passing day. I desired to create something of my own and I did that for myself.”

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