Digital media, today, we see a wide range of social sites. Many of them share many similarities while some are different in features. Whether it’s shopping, travel and movies tickets, newly born news, education, nation’s news, live sporting, live broadcasting, or other media – Digital media plays a vital role in keeping everyone updated. And a renowned name today we often hear is Kwt Today – a media platform for Kuwait and India both. It provides a way to exchange communication, builds an identity as the fast-growing media network that has successfully enclosed the world inside. Mr. Clinton Misquitta – the owner, he has been efficiently running this platform since 2014. However, these days Kwt Today has gone through some bigger alterations to make it more handy and manageable.

What new features to introduce in Kwt Today?

  • To make it more focused and competitive
  • To make it Broad
  • To make it Lean around the World
  • To expand it to many new Markets
  1. To make it focused and Competitive: Kwt Today has thought to make it more absorbed on the business, finance, industrial, and marketing news while they abstain to post the alerts having a personal interest like that of educational and sporting. To stay competitive with the list of other digital Media, owner has introduced many strategies and allowed terminal users to make this platform more towards world business news and allow the attraction flow towards its center while it’s now more like BuzzFeed and The New York Times.
  2. To Make it Broad: The aim is to provide an informative and enjoyable platform for the audience worldwide and it’s successful in its motive though, however, Mr. Clinton has asserted to make it broader so that the news could be accessible to every living person in the world and young audience could find opportunities to use media to earn by posting their spicy and trendy news of their areas.
  3. To make it Lean around the world: In the yearn of being everywhere in the world, new digital tools are promised to introduced for making to get connected with human emotional dimensions, to extend the emergence of attention, to increase the media consumptions and social communication, and to surge the amount of top-notch media tools to make audience better informed and always targeted. This leans it towards the world and increases the ability to impact the decisions.
  4. To Expand it to New Markets: Today a lot of people into a trading of news – Owner said, he further pressed on saying, over 70% of the audience directly reaches us via social media rather than our homepage so, it turns important for us to collaborate with different and newly born markets around the world to expand the business and make this digital platform more accessible. For instance, every 5th of Facebook user click and transferred to our main story page.

A lot of changes are done while a few to go, it has to go through a lot more process but one thing is certain that Kwt Today is in the race to be one of the widely used digital media platforms and the struggle will never go in vain.


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