Telegram is an instant messaging app. People from the world loved to use telegram as their favourite messaging app. So many exciting messaging app are in the market. But telegram is different from all because of its unique feature. Telegram is a cloud based app and provide end to end encrypted messages service. This is a platform for better communication with friends and family members. Through the app people can exchange their thoughts through texts, videos, audio, files, images, gifs, stickers etc. Now telegram is one of the best messaging app in the market.

Telegram was introduced in 2013 by the two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. In March 2018 telegram reported that it had 200 million monthly active users. In 2013 telegram had 100000 active users in daily basis. Recently in 2019 telegram claimed 3 million new users joined telegram in last 24 hours. It is really an achievement. Day to day this app is touching an another level of success. Now telegram is a famous and most using applications for messaging. Telegram is totally free and secure for communication.

What should I use telegram?

Telegram is very beautiful app. recently it updated the design and some features. Now it comes with a new icon which looks sporty. Telegram is famous for its best features. There are so many unique features available in telegram which are not available other messaging app. For security reasons telegram is secure and safe. Mainly you choose telegram for private messaging. You don’t want to share your messages with third parties. The app is really secure for communication. Let’s discuss about its amazing features. This will give satisfaction for using telegram.


In telegram you can use stickers in chatting. You don’t need to take the help of words to express your feelings. You can put a sticker to exchange your thoughts. Now stickers are available in telegram. In default it is available. You can easily use it.


Telegram channel (here) is one of the best features ever. This feature is not available in others social app. Channel is a replacement of old broadcast system. In channels you will be able to get news and information, music, movies, wallpaper, Ebook, fashion tips, art and photography etc. Once you joined the channel you will get daily updates.

Secrets chat

In telegram there is a secret telegram group (Check- chat for users. Here you can chat with someone secretive. It is totally safe for users. This is one of the beautiful features for telegram users.

End to end encryption

For security reasons telegram is giving you end to end encrypted messages service. This service is required for personal chatting. You don’t want to share your chat with others. This service will help you to find that. It belongs to your privacy.


Finally i want to tell you telegram is the best app ever for messaging. You can’t get the replacement against it. It is always giving new features to its users. For communications telegram is a better platform ever. Users can easily communicate with each other in group or personally secure and safe. Mainly this app is for secure communication. You can use the app confidently without hesitation. So enjoy the app and stay in touch with your dear one.

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