With so many established merchants taking their stores online and new businesses emerging every day, companies are always racing to adapt the next new tactic that could possibly contribute to their efforts in building better brand awareness, a stronger customer base, and bigger sales profit.

How Can Ecommerce Marketing Be Done Best?

In order to gain and retain customers, it is important that the product you sell is possibly unique in ways and has strong quality standards. For any business to thrive and scale consistently, building consumer trust is key. In order to ensure buyer loyalty, the product you market must be the product you sell.

Ecommerce Marketing

There are one too many marketing strategies available at the disposal of companies however, lack of knowledge, improper implementation, and disregarding the advantages of continuously tracking and tweaking their approaches based on what works well and what doesn’t are some common mistakes we see these eCommerce businesses fall prey to all the time. So, in order to generate the sales, you dream of and scale your online store what can you actually do to have a better chance at fulfilling it?

Know the power of email marketing. Collecting emails from the visitors of your site improves your chances of acquiring a new customer greatly. It is so far the best way of customer acquisition and customer retention which cost little but offers many brand marketing opportunities. It is a great way of retargeting visitors who could have browsed your store, dwelled on some items, and might have had even abandoned their carts. Once you have their emails, the list is yours to keep. You can use it to send welcome emails, introduce offers, remind them of the items they left behind, and even up your cross-selling game.

Depending upon your budget, embarking on ad campaigns can get you significant traffic to your store and take one step closer to new customer acquisition. The influence of social media on consumer purchases is ever-growing. Having a well-structured ad campaign on Instagram or Facebook can help you in user engagement, target potential customers, improve conversion rate, and hence ensure good cost per purchase for businesses. Organic search is still one of the popular ways in which people research and find products to purchase. Googles ads can help leverage this behavior and gain relevant traffic to your site.

Content marketing is another strategy you can use to help customers find you through organic research. Educating customers by creating meaningful and strong content regarding the products you sell through blogging on your own site or guest blogging is a tested way to reach a wide consumer base and build brand awareness. This helps in good customer engagement and better conversion as people get to know in-depth information about your product, and its features.

Many successful companies heavily rely on customer feedback to improve their business strategies. This includes steps from enhancing site functionality to pricing their products. So, showing your potential buyers how your site is easy to navigate and shop from can have a good impact on website traffic and chances of conversion. Online stores which are continuously running one or the other type of offers are seen to receive better responses from people. It doesn’t mean you have to keep running the same offer 12 months a year. Offers such as buy one get on free, or a considerable discount on trending items often have better click-through rates in ads and help in lead generation. Once you know someone is interested, email marketing can take care of your conversion efforts from there. 


The biggest task of small to medium eCommerce stores is getting people to find them in the vast sea of industry and land on their page. Having a data-driven marketing strategy to target individuals based on their browsing and shopping behaviors and offering personalized experiences is a sure way of taking your business from a newbie to an established brand in a shorter span. In the digital world today, the secret to building a huge customer base for online businesses largely lies with their abilities to milk data and devise customized marketing plans to acquire new customers.