There’s a lot on your plate as a business owner. Thankfully, there are also a lot of people ready and willing to help. When it comes to setting up your business space, our team at CFA is loaded with experts that know what you need to get up and running, especially when it comes to low voltage cables.

If you don’t know what low voltage cables are (or why you need them), don’t worry. Here’s a quick look at what they are and the types businesses like yours in Atlanta need.

What is a structured cable?

A structured cable, or low voltage wire, is what makes your speakers, televisions, internet, and phones work. Structured cabling really is the bread-and-butter of our modern lifestyle, which is why your Atlanta-based business absolutely needs them. Not only do these cables keep you in touch with your clients, but they provide the amenities you need to keep your on-site customers and employees happy.

Long story short: Your business can’t operate any of its equipment without low voltage cables.

What are the types of structured cables?

There are a variety of low voltage and network cables that can be installed for your business. Depending on what your business needs, the types of cables used to set your building up will vary.

Below is a list of the most commonly used types of cables:

  • Internet Cables. You’ll also hear these called Ethernet Cables or Ethernet Wires. Without them, you can’t get online. Depending on your building, you’ll either need new lines installed or existing structured cables relocated to accommodate your needs.
  • Telephone Lines. While more and more homes are choosing not to have or use telephone lines, most businesses still need them. Not only do they allow you to use a landline, but they also give you the service you need to receive and send faxes. When looking at your building, you’ll either need to have new telephone lines installed or extend existing lines. Sometimes, businesses will need existing lines repaired or for other work, like moving telephone jacks, to be done.
  • Coaxial. Coaxial cables, also known as network cable lines, allow video and audio to be transmitted to your television. In most cases, new construction and building renovations require these types of cables to be installed.
  • Speaker Wires. Speaker wires connect speakers and amplifiers to a sound source. If installed properly, they provide a clear sound connection. Most businesses need some type of pre-wiring done for speaker cables in order to operate the media they want to use.
  • Security System Wiring. Before you can install any type of security system at your business, you need to have your space pre-wired with low voltage lines. All security equipment needs to operate from an internal cable source, which is exactly what this type of hardwiring provides. For new buildings, having a professional pre-wire for security cameras can make future installations go much more quickly and smoothly.
  • POS Lines. POS cable lines are essential for service businesses, like bars, cafes, and restaurants. These lines allow your POS to communicate effectively, making life easier for your employees and customers, especially when it comes to taking orders and charging credit cards.

If you’re an Atlanta-based business in need of some set-up help, our team at CFA is here to help. Not only have we helped thousands of commercial businesses get up and running successfully, but we’re happy to offer free estimates!

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