Wendy’s is testing a new plant-based burger – however it’s anything but a meat alternative.

Starting June 28, the fast food chain is selling a new “Spicy Black Bean Burger” in three US cities, including Jacksonville, Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio. The sandwich costs $5.79 and will be on menus for a limited time.

Wendy’s (WEN) knocked its main rival, McDonald’s (MCD), in a statement, saying “certain plant-based creations have spawned a bland reputation for the category — looking at you McImpossible — but luckily, Wendy’s has spice in her DNA.”

The sandwich certainly lives up to that since it’s anything but a dark bean patty seasoned with paprika and chipotle pepper, topped with crunchy chipotle jalapenos and a smoky chipotle sauce in addition to a piece of melted pepper jack cheese.

Spice is a way Wendy’s separates itself. Recently, it’s anything but a new chicken sandwich shrouded in jalapeños and a singed chicken salad topped with a creamy jalapeño ranch dressing. Another “Ghost Pepper Ranch” dipping sauce for its chicken nuggets will be sold cross country starting on July 12.

“Consumers are looking for flavor, and unfortunately there’s boring and bland options out there from our competition,” Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer Carl Loredo told CNN Business in February. “They are hyper-focused on flavor and it’s something they want and need right now.”

Plant-based options are likewise proceeding to fill in fame. Burger King sells the Impossible Whopper and McDonald’s is before long carrying out a McPlant sandwich that utilizations Beyond Meat. Yum Brands (YUM), which claims KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, likewise as of late hit an deal with Beyond Meat (BYND) to bring new plant-based items to its chains.

Taco Bell said Wednesday it’s anything but another shell that utilizes a “pea protein-based proprietary blend” for its Naked Chalupa. The creation is being sold at just a single location, which is in Irvine, California, until June 27.