On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the entire nation to talk about the steps that are taken by the government and civil initiatives that need to be taken to fight coronavirus.

In his address, PM Modi urged the people of the country to observe janta curfew – a self-imposed curfew by the public, for the public – on March 22 between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm. He also spoke about the steps that the government is taking to handle the situation. He even urged people not to get into panic buying as there will be sufficient supply of everything so there is no need to worry.

Mr. Modi urged Indians to stay home and avoid coming out of homes as much as possible, he said “I also urge senior citizens of over 65 years to not step outside their homes in the next few weeks.”

Not only the government but corporates and other departments are also playing their roles significantly to help the nation to handle the situation.

In a statement, CEO, KCS Technologies Inc., Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula said, “It is the duty of each of one us to support the nation and adhered to the Government’s directives.”

He further said, “This is the time of national medical emergency and we all should do what is right at the moment. People should opt to stay home or work from home. Move only if it is actually needed, unnecessary movements can cause real trouble for you, your family and for the entire community. We all should prevent ourselves from doing anything which can cause trouble for us and others.”

He even said that he is completely in support of Janta Curfew and urged his staff members, clients and others to be supportive to the Government’s initiatives and observe Janta Curfew on March 22, 2020.

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