All relationships have their own ups downs. Every one requires requires time, commitment, patience, and willingness to accept and adjust to the changes. It doesn’t make any difference if your relationship is multi week old or ten years of age. Each relationship is exceptional. We need to put forth nonstop attempts to keep the sparkle alive and continue rekindling it with love and care.

As the day of love, Valentines Day is round the corner, let us think about the central issues one should remember to keep their relationship healthy:

Great communication is the first key:

It is significant that you offer space to your partner to communicate their fears, problems, insecurities, needs, and desires. Mention to your partner what you need, don’t make them presume.

Spend quality time face to face:

On times physical intimacy is essential to support the relationship. It is ideal to send text or voice messages to your partner saying “I love you”, however now and again it is essential to have an face to face meeting with your partner. Attempt new things together. Discover things you enjoy doing together. From going to new places around, to go to a show together.

Do not compare:

As they said that every relationship is unique, it is encouraged to not compare your partner and another person.

Be ready for ups and downs:

Each relationship goes through its own ups and down. Two individuals can’t generally be in the same page. One should remember that every individual has their own coping mechanism to get out of a problem. Now and again attempting to force an answer can aggravate an issue.

Respect your partner:

Conflicts and arguments are unavoidable in a relationship. Yet, that is the point at which the real test of your relationship comes. It is important to respectfully resolve your conflicts. Ensure that the ultimate goal is to keep the relationship alive and not to win the battle. Try not to drag old arguments and keep the willingness to forgive. In the event that your emotion is flaring high, at that point take a break. Relax, quiet down and afterward say or do something.