The surging number of infection cases in the US has jolted the entire nation and advisory bodies are left with no other suggestion but, vaccination. However, the recent controversies about the Johnson&Johnson shots have raised many questions about the dangers underlying vaccinations. Blood clot problems associated with the said vaccine have led to decisions against it. However, the director is still reluctant about entirely taking them off the markets.

Vaccines Mandatory At Any Cost, No Matter What: CDC Director Directs

US had given an equal opportunity to Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and J&J to serve the people of the country, although preference had been fully given to Pfizer and Moderna. The mRNA technology used in these two is said to give better protection than the conventional virus-based technology used for J&J.

Vaccines Mandatory At Any Cost, No Matter What: CDC Director Directs

However, about 16 million Americans have been inoculated with the J&J vaccines in spite of the differences. It is especially useful for those who cannot afford to travel to get the second shot. The people who got the J&J vaccines were supposed to complete their dose with just one shot and hence, proved more convenient for some.

However, the recent 54 cases of thrombocytopenia syndrome, a type of thrombosis found in those individuals who received the Johnson’s, have caused a commotion amongst the federal health officials. Of those 54, 36 were required to be put under intensive care treatments and even 9 cases of death have been reported. In this preview, the government officials had advised people to go for the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccines instead of the J&J to avoid any complications. Also, that those who have received one dose of it, are recommended to take the second one of any of the other two.

The earlier decision that the J&J is a one-done shot was modified later and was reported that another shot is required at least after two months of administration of the J&J vaccine. However, if anybody wishes to take the Johnson’s or is allergic to any other, then the person should proceed. But mixing vaccines has been reported to produce no harm.

The Johnson& Johnson vaccine was thought to affect only women between the ages group of 30-49. But reports suggested otherwise. Any person, irrespective of sex, having low blood platelet counts could get the clots. The unusual clots obstructed the blood flow in veins from the brain thus, limiting the amount of blood flow to the lower parts of the body. Although the numbers were not alarming, still thrombosis is not something to be ignored totally.

But, the Director of CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, has lately advised, following a unanimous decision of the Advisory board, that getting vaccinated is the only one thing. It doesn’t matter which one. Although the preference for Pfizer and Moderna is overwhelming, yet J&J will still be available and anybody who does not get access to any other vaccine should go for J&J in spite of the clot problems.

It is true that the number of clot cases should be a point of consideration, but a no vaccine is a bigger problem that needs attention. The unfortunate fate of a few should not be imposed on the entire nation especially during this time of the pandemic when the numbers are doubling every minute.

The consequences are still not clear about this decision of the Advisory Board. But, as of now, during this grave situation, immunization stands out to be the only solution besides the mask mandates. The Americans need to be saved and more the vaccines less are the chances of severities. It is not only on part of the government or any health official to be responsible for saving lives, but the people themselves should be conscious and act wisely.