Before the COVID 19 vaccination drive began, The San Francisco Department of Public Health required three full whiteboards to note down the names of all the senior facilities that were dealing with Corona Virus outbreaks.

Dr. Louise Aronson, a professor with The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Division of Geriatrics said they had been constantly dealing with COVID 19 outbreaks at about a ton of senior facilities, be it small, big, rich, or poor the entire time. 

Vaccines Could Have Averted 250,000 Corona Virus Cases & 39000 Senior Citizen Deaths

However, as soon as senior citizens started to get themselves vaccinated by the month of February 2021, the department began deleting names from the outbreak lists.

Dr. Aronson further added that by April, all the whiteboards were empty, which clearly reflects how transformational the vaccines were.

Vaccines Could Have Averted Corona Virus Cases & Senior Citizen Deaths

According to a report released by the US Department of Health and Human Services, this miraculous transformation had been playing out throughout the nation this spring.

Just between January to May 2021, almost a quarter-million Covid 19 infections and thousands of deaths had been averted due to vaccination.

As per a report generated by the researchers at HHS, vaccination of the senior population was linked to a decline in almost 265,000 new cases, 39000 deaths as well as 107,000 hospitalizations.

Considering almost 80% of Covid -19 deaths have been amongst people over 65 years, public health leaders have been aggressively encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Even Dr. Claudia Hoyen, director of pediatric infection control at UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Cleveland, and an infectious disease specialist claimed that given the number of infections and deaths prevented by the vaccine, it is clear that the vaccine is effective.

Besides, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also claimed that fully vaccinated senior citizens had a 94% lower risk of hospitalization.

It is encouraging to learn that the senior population is the most vaccinated demographic group in the U.S as over 94% of seniors have had at least one shot of the vaccine, as per the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The effective impact of the Covid 19 vaccine has been observed across all ethnic and racial groups across all the 48 states where research has been conducted.

The rate of Infections and deaths amongst Hispanic beneficiaries, Black Medicare beneficiaries as well as Asians have considerably gone down, though the most considerable impact of the vaccine has been reported amongst the American Indian and Alaska Native communities with a 21% decline in infections and 25% decline in death rates.

Xavier Becerra, HHS Secretary further added that these encouraging figures only reassert that Coronavirus vaccines do prevent infections, hospitalizations as well as deaths.

She informed that the Biden-Harris office has pushed vaccinations for doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and pharmacies on priority, besides offering higher reimbursement for at-home vaccinations for senior citizens and others.

Owing to the risk of low immunity, CDC also recommends that people aged 65 years and older also get their booster shots six months after their primary series for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Almost 8% of the senior population have already got their booster shot.

Vaccine advisers are due to discuss booster shots for Johnson & Johnson and the Moderna vaccines as well with the US Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Hoyen said that he was hopeful that these motivating figures will push more seniors to get their boosters as soon as they are due.

He further added that with approaching winters, it becomes all the more vital to ensure that everyone’s immunity is strong, so this would be the ideal time for seniors to get their flu shots and boosters.