Leon County has been fined $3.5 million by the Florida Department of Health for breaching the state’s prohibition on vaccination passports.

So because the Leon County government demands employees to do is provide documentation of one’s Covid-19 immunization and finally terminated 14 people for refusing or failing to comply with the requirement, the state Health Department charged the county with “blatant breach of the law,” resulting in a fine of $3,570,000. The agency identified “714 counts” of infractions of the prohibition.

Vaccine Passports Are Required In Florida, and County Fined $3.5M

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had claimed freedom as well as privacy issues as the primary justification for his vaccination passports ban in April, and he subsequently threatened to penalize counties and towns in the state that did not comply with the order.

According to experts, these penalties highlight the Republican governor’s widespread opposition to public health policies and regulations that are critical to containing the epidemic and avoiding future outbreaks.

Vaccine Passports Are Required In Florida, and County Fined $3.5M

On Tuesday, DeSantis stated, “It is intolerable that Leon County broke the law, trampled on current and past workers’ medical privacy, and dismissed dedicated public servants due to their personal health choices.” “It is our intention to continue battling for Floridians’ rights while also ensuring that the Florida State Health Department continues to enforce the law. We’re going to fight for Floridians’ jobs, fight for Floridians’ livelihood, and fight for our right to be free.”

“The County strongly asserts that our employee immunization requirement wasn’t just completely legal, but it was also a required and fully accountable action to take in order to keep our staff safe, keep the public safe, and ensure our preparedness as a frontline response organization,” Leon County Superintendent Vincent Long said in a statement to CNN. “

“Unfortunately, DeSantis’ position appears to be less about public health strategy and much more about political strategy,” according to Long, who added that the county “intends to enforce its privileges using any remedies to settle all assertions about the potential application of the statute at issue.”

“We’re getting a lot of resistance, particularly from some of the Republican governors in the country. In an effort to undercut the lifesaving standards that I’ve suggested, Florida and Texas governors are doing all they can “The vice president made the remarks in a speech last month, in which he singled out DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. “This is worse than any politics because it puts the lives of its citizens of their respective countries, particularly children, in danger of being taken away from them. And I am not going to give in to it. “At the moment, the President stated his position.

And so is the case with policies he tried to push opposing mask mandates as well as lockdowns; DeSantis’ battle with the White House helps him with a small but politically influential segment of the Republican Party, increasing his national recognition ahead of a possible reelection campaign in 2022 and a presidential campaign in 2024.

Yet Vice President Biden and his senior advisers are eager to draw attention to DeSantis’ continuing disregard for medical advice in his battle against the virus, thinking that holding him up as an example would inspire other governors to do something in the future.