Since the Initial days of the vaccine mandate by the White House Administration, it has only seen backlashes from different US’ States. A pool of 22 states filed a lawsuit against the Central government over the violation of the citizen’s and State Government’s rights. 

Vaccine Mandate Rule Will Followed In Court After Lifting The Ban

The vaccine mandate rule was considered unlawful and hence was put on hold by the court to protect the basic rights of the citizens. The State Governments claimed that this rule is a serious matter as it violates the rights of the government to provide the population with medical facilities.

Vaccine Mandate Rule Will Be Followed In The Supreme Court After Lifting The Ban

On 18 November, The Biden’s Administration wrote an application to the supreme court to remove the ban on the vaccine mandate rule. The application stated that the basic motive of the Central government is to safeguard the lives of their citizens and with the rise in the delta cases and omicron variant in the United States, it has become more important to vaccinate the unvaccinated audience in the country. 

Amidst the outbreak of omicron variant and the cases rising in the states, the US administration had asked the Supreme Court to remove the hold on COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers by two lower courts. It was proposed that the healthcare workers and staff must be vaccinated to prevent the spread of infection and increase vulnerability. 

As per the reports coming up, the Federal Appeals Court lifted the rule this Friday and allowed the vaccine mandate rule to be followed. According to the rule, the businesses harboring 100 or more than 100 employees would be required to follow the mandate and must have the testing facilities available with them. In violation of these requirements in effect from Jan 4, the guilty employers will have to face penalties of nearly $14,000 and employees might face other consequences too.

Under Joe Biden’s administration, the state has witnessed a series of mandates in the month of November. The mandates have emerged for a large number of employers, federal contractors, and army personnel, and health care & frontline workers in the US. 

As the mandate came initially, it required nearly 2 million of the unvaccinated Frontline workers to get vaccinated by 6 December. 

The Biden administration stated that getting the vaccination shots was necessary keeping in mind the winter spikes and Christmas Holiday season where indoor and outdoor gatherings will lead to more cases in the US. 

As per the latest development on the lawsuit, The 6th Circuit in Cincinnati agreed on Wednesday to hear the cases in front of 3 judge panel courts instead of taking the matter later to 16 active judges panel courts.

Now after the clearance from the Supreme court it will become easy for the Biden’s Administration to increase the vaccination rate in the United States which was decreasing daily against the sudden rise in the delta variant cases. 

According to the government, the variant omicron is said to spread at a much faster pace as compared to other dominant strains and a booster shot is the best alternative to curb the cases.