A college student who claimed he was immune to COVID-19 because he had previously been infected was denied an emergency court order that would have allowed him to register for classes. At the same time, according to the AP, he pursued a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the University of Nevada, Reno’s mandatory vaccination policy.

U.S. District Judge from California, who was assigned to the case earlier this week, said that Jacob Gold’s fundamental constitutional right to refuse vaccination was insufficient for him to be granted a temporary restraining order against his parents.

Vaccination-Related Litigation In Nevada Resulted In A Pupil

An infectious disease that may kill thousands of students, faculty, and staff is being kept under control by university management. Gold’s choice to forgo a medically approved vaccination in favor of an alternative educational path has caused more harm than good, he stated in the verdict, which was announced late Friday.

A vaccine is statistically impossible to aid Gold after his recovery from COVID-19 since his immune system is more robust than that of students who have received immunizations. Hospital officials have been accused of violating his “right to self-determination, personal autonomy, and bodily integrity” and his “right to reject medical treatment” in a complaint submitted last month. Because of this, he will be prevented from attending college in the United States of America, the land of freedom and home of the brave, because of his inability to satisfy his academic obligations, gather with his roommates or do anything else other than being vaccinated.

In a November 19 emergency petition, he asked the court to act soon since the first day of spring semesters is January 18, and there is a shortage of required courses. It’s either that or dropping out of college or accepting just online courses for the rest of the semester. COVID-19 testing, according to the lawsuit, is an intrusive physical intrusion that exposes Jonah to an excessive probability of a false positive with the subsequent draconian contact monitoring and isolation, which would be damaging to his health.

Despite this, the court found him unlikely to prevail in his contention that submitting himself to tests would breach his constitutional protections against torture. COVID-19 nasal swab tests don’t need any penetration of the skin, don’t employ genetic testing, and aren’t used for law enforcement purposes in this case.

Judge Selna was given the case from the central district of California last week, after the departure of all but one of the 11 judges who sat in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada from the case. The university’s president, Brian Sandoval, is the main suspect. Prior to becoming Nevada’s Republican governor in 2011, he served as a federal judge in Reno from 2005 to 2009. Attorney Joey Gilbert, a Reno defense attorney who is also a former professional boxer, is representing Gold in addition to his legal team. Trump fans had linked him to the group and claim to have been outside the Capitol on January 6 when it was engulfed in flames, he says. One of the judges who recused himself did not cite a specific rationale for doing so. That they had “good cause” is all that is reflected in federal court filings.