The rise of Covid 19 cases has again become a headache for the Federal Government and other medical experts. Many State Governments are trying their level best to curb delta variant surge in the states and cities. 

Vaccination Proof To Be Mandatory For Indoor Events

Colorado has achieved the feat of vaccinating its maximum population and last week the State Government even announced and communicated to all the hospitals to offer booster shots to all the adults as per their demand and requirements. They said that all the adults must determine whether they need a booster shot or not. 

Vaccination Proof To Be Mandatory For Indoor Events

The hospitalization rate in Colorado is again increasing and there might be a shortage of beds if the pace at which delta variant cases are increased. 

Keeping in mind the current citation and per day cases, the Colorado state official announced and made it mandatory to showcase the proof of vaccination before entering any indoor event. Since June more than 150,000 American citizens have lost their lives due to the outbreak of the Delta variant. 

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has issued new regulations regarding large public indoor events and gatherings. In Denver, the attendants have to show proof of vaccination if the gathering size is more than 500. The order has been passed by the local health authorities and the places of worship have been exempted from the same. Counties like Arapahoe, Adams, Jefferson, The county of Broomfield will be given extra protection as they are under severe risk. 

These protocols and rules will be effective from November 19. Also, CDPHE said that the employees with a high risk of Covid 19 symptoms must get themselves vaccinated.

It has become difficult for the state government to curb coronavirus cases in the state and it has given sleepless nights to the officials and medical experts. The Colorado state was under a staffing crisis which has been revamped again more powers have been given to the hospital authorities to manage the staffing and handle the delta variant wave with ease. 

Even on Sunday, the US Food and Drug Administration commissioner asked the government to provide complete information on the eligibility of booster shots so as to reduce the risk level and death rates in the entire nation.

Though Colorado and New Mexico have a very higher rate of vaccinated citizens than many other states, still many people are yet to be vaccinated which has been a serious concern for the state health department. It has been observed that people in these regions are more prone to the virus and possess a higher risk of Covid 19 symptoms. 

The Executive Director of CDPHE Jill Hunsaker Syan said the counties and cities are offering complete support to curb this deadly disease. We also recommend and encourage everyone in Colorado to get themselves vaccinated and if they are, then surely check their eligibility and avail the fruits of getting a booster shot. 

She also suggested that people must also follow precautionary measures like the use of masks, washing of hands properly, and sanitizing.