Dr. Walensky and Dr. Fauci came for the White House Covid 19 briefing. Dr. Walensky talked about the rising cases and the statistics. As per the reports, there is an increase in the per day average cases in the United States, and a rise to 92,800 cases per day can be seen.

The Vaccination Among Federal Employees Has Reached 95%

Compared to the last week’s data there is an increase of 18% in the Covid cases. He also stated that the 7 days average hospitalization cases reported were 5600.  

Federal Employees Vaccination Reached 95%

Dr. Walensky stated with statistics that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we achieve 3 million booster shot targets and make one million shots per day.

It is very important to get vaccinated and every doctor will recommend receiving vaccination soon as the winter season and festive holidays are around the corner.  We are encouraging more people to get vaccinated and at least receive their initial vaccine. 

The White House issued instructions on September 9 requiring federal employees to be vaccinated as it was a part of the President’s plan to protect every individual in the USA. Federal contractors were given the option of enforcing the immunization requirements on their employees or requesting exemptions. 

There are in total 3.5 million federal workers and the best part is almost 95 percent are vaccinated now and making a safer environment for all other federal workers.

Though in some states the vaccine and mask mandate rule were considered “unlawful”.

The exemptions included rigorous adherence to the COVID’s basic rules and regulations, such as wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, and keeping a safe distance in the workplace. Due to the approaching holidays and increased crowding at work, the deadline for completing the immunization requirements has been set for December 9.

In the briefing session, it has been said that if a federal contractor fails to adhere to all the vaccine guidelines laid by the administration will be barred and their license to work with the central government will be canceled. 

The majority of Federal employees working under Joe Biden are completely vaccinated, but other state agencies do not have such a high vaccination rate. It is because of political issues and some state governments have passed the rule against the vaccine mandate.

The White House initially opposed the vaccine mandate, but when the Delta version became more prevalent, they decided to make it a priority for Federal employees.

The vaccination deadline has been extended to January 4 for the 700,000 government employees who are members of the union.

The Covid 19 response coordinator said that we can easily curb the increasing cases in the states and there will be no need for the lockdown or shutting of the economy. Till now approximately 82 percent of American citizens have received at least a single dose of Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson. He also stated that we are in direct contact with the other agencies and will try our level best to stop the community transmission.