Covid-19 cases are surging across the nations today. The highly transmissible variant, Omicron, has thrown everyone into a tizzy. Americans wonder how to approach the upcoming Christmas holidays. The rise in Omicron cases in the USA is almost 41% now. It has risen fast as compared to the figures last week. 

Vaccinated And Tested Positive? Covid-19 Appropriate Behavior

For the month of December, the figures moved around 120,000, but have jumped to 130,000 lately. As of last Saturday, the figures stood at 73.2% in the country, the Center for Disease Control, reported. 

Vaccinated And Tested Positive Covid-19 Appropriate Behavior

It has already been reported by health officials, that vaccines are not effective against the new strain, Omicron. This has led to a fresh breakthrough in infections in several parts of the states. Boosters hold promise, but only 30 % of the population, seems to have received one for now. 

Some questions are up, regarding pandemic behavior, in the holiday and party season. The experts want the population to stay at home and celebrate Christmas. However, things have been challenging enough, as families across nations have not been able to meet their loved ones since the last season. So, everybody needs to be cautious, but enjoy. 

The best way to guard oneself is to get the complete doses of vaccine. Boosters have assumed a lot of importance this season. Moreover, one should get tested if they even show any minor symptoms of the Flu. Wearing masks indoors will add another protective measure to the kitty. 

However, it may not be a realistic way for most families. Dr. Anthony Fauci who is leading most Covid-19 related researches has said, that the population does not need to cancel its plans.

If one is fully vaccinated and boosted, there is less cause for worry, believes Dr. Fauci. Therefore, he has urged all to get vaccinated and get boosters to stay sound, and this applies to all family members. 

The CDC has defined what close contact means. It has to be in contact within a distance of 6 feet, and for 15 minutes or longer. The agency has advised the unvaccinated population to quarantine if they have come across covid patients.

The quarantine period has to be a minimum of 14 days and also involves staying away from a vulnerable lot like kids and seniors. If one has a fever of more than 100.4 degrees, it should be taken as a concern. 

The CDC has recommended immediate contact with the local health department, in case the above symptoms are seen.

In some places, the unvaccinated population can also go for a reduced isolation period, if they do not have adequate symptoms. In other cases, the asymptomatic individuals may come negative a week later. Laxity is allowed, but to a certain extent in such cases. 

Additionally, the CDC has said that the fully vaccinated population need not quarantine after contact with an infected individual. If they do not develop any symptoms this is likely the case. Such individuals should get tested for the virus after seven days and also wear a mask full-time for the next 14 days in public. 

The CDC has also released news that a person, may show symptoms only after 48 hours. By that time the incumbent may have infected several other people. Many people may unknowingly spread the virus, in which case, it can be hard to control the situation. 

Now, it comes to all those who are vaccinated but test positive. If one develops the symptoms in such cases, it is better to avoid holiday plans and meets. It will help to arrest the contagious virus from spreading. Isolation and treatment are the only possibilities at that time.