After Kate Eichelberger and her husband got their jabs, they build a sense of protection for themselves and for their kids too. Though kids of   6 and 8 years are not eligible for vaccination, it is only available for children above 12years of age.  Then also, parents feel that they are now fully vaccinated adults and are safe as if they get exposed to the virus at the workplace, they will not bring it home.

But prior to the week, this thinking of them vanishes when there was a change in federal guidance related to masks for vaccinated people. According to the findings, however, infections in vaccinated people are rarer than in unvaccinated ones. But such cases may be transmissible as those among the unvaccinated people.

On this, Eichelberger says that ‘I am tired now thinking that what we feel is safe for our kids and it is one of the hardest parts of the covid-19 pandemic.’ Many families with young children who are fully vaccinated and planned play dates and vacations with family are reconsidering again.

Are Vaccinated Parents Worried About The Transmission Of The Virus From Them To Unvaccinated Kids?

Their worry is regarding the direct exposing of children to the coronavirus and the vaccinated parents. An aerospace engineer, Brian Clarke, had booked a trip to San Diego on occasion their 15th anniversary about three months ago when cases were low. But, unfortunately, the trip was away from their kids and not as stress-free as they thought.

However, as per reports, illness in kids are, but it can also be noted that pediatric covid-19 cases are on the rise, and parents are worried that if their children are the next ones to get infected.

Are parents questioning on the safety of kids?

Now parents are questioning and worried regarding the safety of their kids. They are confused about sending their kids to camp and to schools as the most contagious variant Delta is on the surge. While the delta variant is much more contagious, and as per studies, it may be more severe too. But studies also clarify those vaccines effective in preventing death and severity.

Are Vaccinated Parents Worried About The Transmission Of The Virus From Them To Unvaccinated Kids?

According to the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program director, Dr. Buddy Creech, ‘we do not hear stories of people who came into contact with people who had covid and did not get sick. Vaccination is not a full-protected vest rather it is the best protection. However, I cannot say that there is no risk but I can definitely say that the risk is very low.’

For Clarke having two daughters of age 7 and 9 age worried about the hold in everything. The Delta variant holds every activity, including gymnastics, for them.  They can now not put their girls back in gymnastics which is the activity that they had to pause due to pandemics because of the risk it involves.

He says, ‘it is indoor space and is also a group. ‘Still, he is not worried now as he and his wife are vaccinated and the fact that children have a low chance of getting ill. He says that ‘we are now trying to reduce the risk. ‘

On the other hand, a product manager for a tech company, Sheeri Cabral, with two young children, is worried more about others behavior; she says that people gatherings n events and concerts without knowing the vaccination status of each other is a matter of concern.

She says, ‘nobody wants to stay at home and not to keep wearing masks, but we do.’ She says that the best way to protect kids is to ensure that people around them are vaccinated. For Eichelberger, being vaccinated offers them relaxation but still worries about transmitting the infection to kids.