On Monday, the US opened the doors of vaccinated international travelers to the country. Hence, the US is offering a huge welcome to those vaccinated international travelers who have not visited the United States for the past 20 months. 

This announcement marked happiness and offered the precious opportunity for Maria Giribet Caldentey who can now see her twin grandchildren in California. She once postponed this trip when the borders were closed down. 

The Vaccinated International Travelers Are Allowed To Visit US

Maria told CNN at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, “I had butterflies in my stomach as authorities allowed me to leave for California. I also have some anxieties but the thought of meeting my grandchildren makes me delighted.”

The Vaccinated International Travelers Are Allowed To Visit US

This felt like company as usual on Monday sunrise with the faction of masked passengers streaming through airports. 

As new requirements will be going to affect US air, land, and ferry arrivals. There will be some congestion as the rules will be rolled out. 

The Delta airlines CEO Ed Bastin said in late October at a travel industry conference “It will look dirty at first, I can convince you.” “There will be cords, unfortunately” he further added citing an invasion of the travel at once. 

As per Delta spokesperson Morgan Durrant, various delta flights have arrived on Monday and we’re 100% full with fully loaded factors in the weeks. It has seen a 450% improvement in global bookings in the preceding six weeks since the United States reopening.  

As per Lufthansa Group, the carriers were operating 31 flights to the United States on Monday and were fully booked. Virgin Atlantic says that its flights were 98% full and Swiss air and British airways passenger volume on flights evacuating for the US we’re high. 

According to the data from flying analytics firm OAG, the number of restored seats in December from the US to Europe is around 67% of the December 2019 status. Hence, an incremental rescue has been seen in the cards for international travel.

Due to pandemics, airlines are bringing back the employees and aircraft sidelines. The staffing issues can be aggravated by the employee’s vaccinations authorizations that have some tough operations for carriers.  

The custom and border protection and transportation security administration has also had a staff shortage and is facing a looming deadline before Thanksgiving for mandated employee booster shots. 

An increment in the wait times is anticipated by CBP at the land border crossing from Canada and Mexico. 

Preparation and tolerance will be the key for the multinational travelers who are heading to the US in the forthcoming weeks. The US is almost open but still, there are some states and districts which have local restrictions on travelers. 

Just example masks mandate is there in Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Also, places like DC and Puerto Rico require masks in indoor places. While some states including New York and San Francisco require to have vaccine shots in indoor places such as restaurants, Los Angeles, etc.