The pandemic has widely affected the festivals in the world as it is considered the best way to spend some quality time with your family and friends. With the rise in the covid, 19 infections in the United States people have been forced to stay indoors and celebrate the festive season in small indoor gatherings. 

Vaccinated & Booster Shot Recipients Need Not Cancel Their Holiday Plans

The medical experts have been stressing the major fact that the Halloween and Thanksgiving festive season has been the culprit for the current rise in the delta variant cases in the United States. 

Vaccinated & Booster Shot Recipients Need Not Cancel Their Holiday Plans

The start of this month has been very bad as the number of cases has been increasing at an alarming rate. The current status of the average daily cases in the United States is very shocking and has been reminding the citizens of the previous times when the first wave of the covid 19 hit the United States.

As per the previous week’s data available from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the daily cases in the US have been up by almost 34 percent and surpassed more than 130,000 cases.

The Medical experts have been claiming that the citizens can enjoy their Christmas Holiday Season if they are fully vaccinated. The vaccination is the ultimate tool to stay protected and safer during the upcoming wave and it will help in reducing the risk of getting affected by the newly detected variant of the Covid 19 omicron.

In some states where the omicron cases have crossed the expectations, the civic bodies have been asked to keep a check on the parties being arranged indoor and outdoor as it will help them to identify if the outbreak happens.

New York, New Jersey, California have been the worst states which have been affected by the omicron strain and the positivity rate is increasing very fastly.

Previous year the number of cases was similar but the infection rate was very high due to the non-availability of the vaccine at the mass level. As per the public healthcare authorities, this time situation is completely different due to the wide availability of vaccines, booster shots, and antiviral pills. 

The Federal Government has also increased the stock of antigen-based home testing kits so that people can keep checking their health if they find any mild symptoms. 

The Christmas, New Year, and winter holidays have started and people are still in dilemma whether to cancel the celebrations and travel plans to keep themselves protected and safe. The experts weigh on this idea and have been urging the American citizens to stay indoors. If people are fully vaccinated and also received the booster shots then the chances are less to attract infection. Although following the basic precautionary measures is a must as it will offer double protection against the omicron variant. 

The cases in the US have been increasing beyond expectations and it will further increase up to a great extent.