On Monday, The United States reported that 70% of its adult population has received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine dose. However, this benchmark was supposed to be reached nearly a month ago as per president Biden. The news came into the limelight as the highly contagious Delta variant is surging the spread of Coronavirus in the nation. The United States is reporting more than 85,000 cases per day. On some days the number of cases is as high as 1,00,000. These numbers have shaken the country and its people. It is the first time since February there has been such a rise in Coronavirus cases.

The US Hits The Vaccination Goal A Month Late With Only 70% Of The Population

Biden on Monday gave a statement and called more Americans to take their shot of Coronavirus Vaccine. His tweet on Monday afternoon states,” prepared to deal with the surge in COVID-19 cases like never before”, “Unlike a year ago, we have the ability to save lives and keep our economy growing,” he wrote. “We know we can dramatically lower the cases in the country. We can do this. Get vaccinated.”The White House administration also acknowledged and threw its support to employers and universities who are compelling their staff, employees, and students to get themselves vaccinated at the earliest. The idea is to get yourself immunized against the coronavirus.

The US Hits The Vaccination Goal A Month Late With Only 70% Of The Population Receiving At Least One Shot

The United States is emphasizing the growing trend and the fact that we can only end this pandemic by getting more and more people of the country vaccinated. What is the Covid Spike Forecast in the US? The forecast for the US Covid spike is astonishing. As per the experts in the month of August, one can witness around 1,40,000 to 3,00,000 cases per day in the United States.

The contagious Delta variant will continue to spread and transmit the disease. Making it difficult to commence the resumption of normal activities. Though the virus is widely infecting unvaccinated people, there are some breakthrough cases found in the vaccinated population too. The rising cases in the United States are driving more acceptance for the vaccination drive. The Biden administration is urging and requesting its citizens to get vaccinated and prevent themselves from the deadly virus. Recently after hitting the 70% mark, Cyrus Shahpar, White house Covid -19 data director announced on Twitter stating the seven-day average of new people getting vaccinated is 4,41,000. He requested citizens to extend their support and get more eligible people vaccinated.

The disease experts from across the globe are sharing their views and opinions on the sudden rise in Coronavirus cases in the United States. They forecast that things will get worse in the near future. Proper steps and a continuous vaccination drive can only help to bring the situation under control. The vaccine is saving lives, soon the United States will see more schools and businesses introducing vaccine requirements. Americans are also lamenting their resentment to get the vaccine and are now considering getting themselves vaccinated. The White House is working continually to motivate, encourage and persuade its citizens to get vaccinated at the earliest.