Dr. Anthony Fauci is the nation`s top infectious disease expert and the chief medical officer for the White House stated that the US will be seeing a hard winter as the health care system is already clogged due to delta variant. He stated that people will have to exercise more caution than ever and if you are attending an indoor party or a function make sure you wear your mask.

The US To See A Rough Winter Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

As per reports from WHO (World Health Organisation), the number of cases of Omicron is doubling every other day and this is expected to become the next dominant variant overthrowing delta as well.

The US To See A Rough Winter Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

As per data from Johns Hopkins University, the US is now averaging about 120,000 cases per day with a data rate of 1,100 per day. Hospitalizations have also increased up to 65,000. Jonathan Reiner who is a medical analyst for CNN stated that researchers are now comparing Omicron with measles which was the most contagious virus ever. Omicron is spreading at a faster rate than anyone imagined and has reached almost all parts of the world within a month’s time. Reiner also stated that it was too early to just put off that Omicron would only cause minor symptoms as it took delta a few weeks time to cause serious damage.

Reiner believes that if a person is fully vaccinated with the booster shots it will help them to stay away from hospitals and have just minor symptoms which could be treated by any doctor under home isolation. However, if a person is not vaccinated then Omicron could make things much worse and would also help to spread it.

One of the main concerns of researchers is that hospitals should not be swamped. If the doctors are treating the same symptoms again and again then they won’t have time to look at other priority cases apart from the covid virus. It has been observed that more than 20% of all the ICU beds in hospitals are occupied by just coronavirus patients. President Joe Biden is set to meet up with health care authorities on how to combat the Omicron variant in this winter season.

As per reports from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that roughly 61% of the total population of the US which is 200 million people have been fully vaccinated. Among them, 40% have taken their booster shots as well which is considered as a good defense against Omicron. However, there are still a majority of people who are eligible but have not yet taken the booster shots. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that 2 dose vaccines are also good against other severe diseases however when it comes to Omicron they do not match up to the new variant and that is why booster shots are a necessity. Reports from CDC states that unvaccinated people are 20 times likely to get the virus as compared to fully vaccinated people. This clearly shows that vaccination is needed of the hour for protecting yourself.

New York is currently the worst-hit state with more than 22,000 cases every day. New York saw an increase of 500 cases from Saturday and mostly this is due to a number of people flying in and out of the city. Governor Kathy Hochul stated that contact tracing for Omicron has now been halted as the number of cases are increasing and it won’t be possible to look into everyone, so if anyone is experiencing any mild symptoms it is better to get tested at a doctors clinic or visit the nearest hospital for your safety.