The rise of the winter season in 2020 didn’t come with a piece of jolly news for the US and it seems that the wheel of time is taking a U-turn despite the good vaccination rate and booster shots. Recently, different states of the US are noticing a rising number of Covid-19 patients.

As US Population Becomes Fully Vaccinated, Hospitalization Rate Increase

The strange and more devastating fact is that the maximum number of serious cases are the ones who are fully vaccinated.

Health officials of the US have been warning that the Covid-Free country is yet a dream difficult to catch. The health official has predicted these charts and has been warning the population to take preventive measures to avoid the difficult situation during the winters and holidays.

US Population Becomes Fully Vaccinated, Hospitalization Rate Increase

A few days back Dr. Fauci also suggested considering offering the 3rd dose of vaccine to the vaccinated citizens to boost immunity.

The steep rise in the patients could be an impact of the winter season in the colder region. Evidence shows that only vaccines can not be the ultimate weapon to fight this critical Covid-19 situation as they are getting ineffective with the passage of time and it gives utmost importance to take booster shots.

To this, Dr. David Dowdy, an associate professor at epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University stated that the rise in cases was certain this year but if we compare the intensity with the last winter season, the threat is less as now we have vaccines and booster shots to cover the risk.

In the year 2020, hospitals and intensive care units were tightly packed with patients and it was difficult to deliver the necessary medical treatment to most of the patients. Dowdy says that the situation is under control this year and that the surge seen was already expected.

According to a study by CDC, 90 percent of the people who died or got hospitalized due to severe symptoms this summer season were not vaccinated. The Food and Drug Administration has also shown some concern in the surge of Covid 19 cases and urged people to get vaccinated.

The Booster Pfizer vaccine has been a great controversial topic for the past few weeks. The US FDA has already nodded yes for the booster shots for the 65 years of age and above. Some state governments have voluntarily allowed the state medical authorities to offer booster shots to all the adults. Although the federal government has yet to make a decision and announce Pfizer booster shots for all the adults in the state.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that on average more than 80,000 cases are coming every day and with this upcoming winter season it will increase more. The hospitalization rate is increasing in some states and people without booster shots are getting more hospitalized because of the inefficiency of the vaccine to fight the Delta variant.

The unvaccinated people are the real threat to the vaccinated people in the country, said Dr. Fauci. People must get vaccinated to protect themselves from the dangerous delta variant virus.