The booster shot for Covid 19 is currently the most controversial topic in the entire State. The White House wants to achieve its goal of 100 Percent Vaccination for its Citizens. With the approval of Vaccination for the 5 to 11 years of age group, it seems possible now. Colorado and California released the letter to allow all the adults to have a booster shot according to their requirements. 

US FDA Likely To Take A Decision On Pfizer

According to some sources, The US FDA won’t be taking into consideration any outside advisors on the authorization process of Pfizer as a Covid 19 booster shot for adults or not. Pfizer already applied on November 9 to authorize its booster shot for adults.  

The US FDA Likely To Take A Decision On Pfizer Booster Shots

As per some reports by Cnn, there are very few chances of holding any meeting with the outside agency on the booster shot approval for kids. Also, whether to conduct an initial meeting or not will be determined by the agency itself. 

The FDA already approved Pfizer booster shots for citizens 65 and above. The entire process of passing on information regarding the tests and other details can be quite time-consuming. Besides, waiting longer can create worse conditions among the people in the States. 

Myocarditis was seen in people above 65 years of age who were tested for Pfizer booster. The side effect is likely to be witnessed in young men as well.

Till now there is no discussion about the meeting for the approval of Pfizer. FDA has submitted the initial review of information to the concerning authorities and will decide whether to conduct the meet or not. 

The acting chairman of the Food and Drug Administration advisory committee Dr. Arnold Monto said that approving any vaccine is of great responsibility and demands proper research. The approval of any booster shot without research and positive results will surely create a panic situation in the States and surely there will be adverse effects of Covid 19 on the entire population. 

The current situation is very tough and it requires fast decision-making. Dr. Arnold Monto said we are a committee and our work is to screen the policy issues and interests of people and rest we leave it to FDA to consider whether to have a formal meeting or not. 

The CDC is very concerned about the health of people and the CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is already supporting the use of Covid 19 booster shots for the betterment of citizens as winter is coming and as per some experts, it can make it worse. He stated that he is waiting for the review data of the Pfizer booster shot for the adults. 

There will be no decision made in a hurry and the decision of whether to approve Pfizer or not will be taken after a complete consultation. 

FDA has now decided to keep outside authorities away from this matter and look through it alone. The decision to keep outside advisors away was taken to get the approvals faster and shorten the entire approval process to protect the health of people.