The United States is witnessing a dire infection. The number of cases is increasing at an enormous speed. The Biden administration is stressed and taking various steps to limit the spread of infection. The latest wave is the highly contagious Delta Variant and as per the latest reports of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is infecting nearly 83% to 87% of US citizens.

The number of cases in the last week has risen from 8 % to 16%. The exceptional infectious Delta Variant has the highest 7-day average. The only sigh of relief for the US is that the variant and coronavirus are not hitting the vaccinated crowd. The unvaccinated community is the ones who are getting infected with the severe disease. The Biden Administration taking this issue seriously and viewing vaccination as the only alternative to prevent its citizens from Delta Variant is continually urging them to get the vaccination jab at the earliest.

The Latest Update On The Spread And Status Of Delta Variant In The US

The vaccination rates in the US are beginning to increase. There are several questions such as ‘how will the situation be in the US in a few weeks’?, ‘Are things going to be normal’? ‘Will the country once again see a declining curve in the number of cases? Well, there is a lot of uncertainty in the future. The officials at the White House responsible for Covid Response mentioned earlier that they are still analyzing the situation and urging all the states in the nation to escalate the vaccination drive. They have also asked corporate organizations and institutions to support vaccination and ask their employees and students to get themselves vaccinated.

The Latest Update On The Spread And Status Of Delta Variant In The US

A law has also been passed which states that the citizens of the United States will be required to wear masks to get entry into public indoor places such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and entertainment venues. The move is to limit the spread of infection. The vaccination centers are also increased to make sure citizens get easy access to the covid-19 vaccine.

President Biden also announced that the United States has an ample supply of coronavirus vaccines and it aims at helping and supporting backward countries by donating vaccines. Currently, the United States has donated coronavirus vaccines to more than 60 countries worldwide. This move and modest gesture of the United States is highly appreciated by all.

It was considered as one of the noblest and thoughtful steps the Biden administration has taken during the pandemic. Though the number of coronavirus cases, hospitalization, and date rates seem to be at an all-time high in the United States Of America, President Biden affirms that the United States will soon witness a receding curve if the vaccine uptake is high. The only way to prevent the spread and safeguard from the contagious Delta Variant is to ensure the whole country is vaccinated at the earliest. Currently, 70% of the total youth population in the United States is vaccinated. The idea is to achieve the 100 % mark soon with the constant endeavor of administration and support of Americans.