The Biden administration in early Sept announced that any health care workers including the on training nurses will have to be fully vaccinated or else the hospital administration is to take strict measures against them.

Kaitlyn Hevner who is expected to complete her accelerated nursing program in 15 months at the University of Florida said that their nursing careers might be at risk if they don’t get vaccinated. Many eligible people have refused vaccination even many from the health care department as well.

Unvaccinated Nurses Might Not Be Allowed To Pass Their Nurses Training

The Biden administration has not made this rule mandate as of now but a federal rule is expected to be released this October.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing on Monday said that students who don’t get vaccinated due to their religious beliefs or due to some medical conditions won’t be able to qualify for the program as they do not fit the complete criteria for being a health care worker.

Unvaccinated Nurses Might Not Be Allowed To Pass Their Nurses Training

Maryann Alexander from the national council said that if nursing students won’t get vaccinated they could spread the virus from them to the patients whom they are attending.

It has been found that some of the vaccines have fetal cells in them and Hevner 35 said that she is not so keen on accepting something in this form as she opposes the cells that were obtained from abortion.

However, on a different side, many of the religious leaders showed their support to the vaccination and even encouraged their followers to take it as only this will help to break the covid chain.

In Jacksonville Florida, it has been found that out of 329 nursing students only 150 of them are fully vaccinated while the other students refuse to take vaccination with various beliefs. The Indian River State College has said that this will affect their overall performance and in the worst case, they might not qualify for the program as well.

Under normal circumstances all health care workers are to be vaccinated against all major illnesses like hepatitis B and influenza, the covid 19 pandemic has pushed this to new heights. As of September, around 170 hospitals and health care systems have made it mandatory for their workers to get vaccinated to continue working there.

Within the Biden administration around 50,000, health care facilities need their workers to be vaccinated. As for nursing students, it is unclear how they should be treated under this rule. CDC has urged all the health care workers to get vaccinated as most of the hospitalization cases are now seen in non-vaccinated people and among these are children as well who don’t qualify for the vaccination program currently.

Many of the hospitals and other public departments have put up various seminars which make the employees the importance of vaccination. According to a recent survey it has been found that 86% of nursing students are ready to get vaccinated if that affects their overall qualification for the program.

Many of the students who don’t want to get vaccinated are requesting life-size computer-controlled robots that they can operate from a safe environment to treat the patients without coming in direct contact with them.

The simulation program for health care workers was on the rise last year as the virus was at its peak. However, hospital authorities informed that patients feel much more comfortable talking to a human face to face rather than talking to them on a screen. This also helps them explain their situation better and for the doctor to examine them as well rather than just hearing things.