After being admitted to Appalachian Regional Healthcare’s most extensive facility in Hazard, Kentucky, for 19 days and suffering to breathe, the unvaccinated 42-year-old was released on medical grounds last week. In his interview, Couch, who has had 2 strokes and is now retired, said that he had a difficult time dealing with the infection. As he lay on his bed in the Covid critical care unit, he described his condition as “terrible to the bone.”

Kentucky, Unvaccinated Man Was Admitted To The Hospital, Billy Couch Had Little Interest In It

Individuals must take precautionary steps to avoid contracting the virus, such as social isolation, staying at home, and washing their hands. The virus has infected, and over 600,000 people in Kentucky, and the number of cases is on the rise again, Couch said. Prior to being ill, Couch confesses that he didn’t pay attention to the infection. He was at home for 8 days before being sent to the hospital. He doesn’t know how he became sick.

Kentucky, Unvaccinated Man Was Admitted To The Hospital, Billy Couch Had Little Interest In It

As a result of being very ill for more than 20 days, he intends to receive the vaccination and has informed his friends and family of his intentions. According to him, the first dosage has been administered to some of his relatives, who are waiting for the second. Couch claims that, despite the virus’s toll on him, he never required the use of a breathing apparatus. The problem is that many people wait so long to go to the hospital that they have no option. According to Rikki Cornett, the Respiratory Therapy Director, the hospital does not have enough ventilators. There is also a scarcity of personnel.

A total of 170 nurses are required by the hospital system in order to make room for more patients. Nurses are working longer hours and seeing double the number of patients in order to keep up with the demand for their services. Doctors and nurses have never had a more difficult time of it. After a shift, Cornett says she often sees nurses weeping, and this causes her to cry when she gets home. According to ARH chief medical officer Dr. Maria Braman, there are no ICU beds available. As a result, 35 patients are being held in ERs while they wait for an ICU bed to become available. 

It takes a lot of effort to be an intensive care nurse. They put in a lot of effort every day, and you can generally see a difference in their performance. The result is that they put in the same amount of effort, if not more and that it stings when you don’t see any improvement. Combs said that some families are having difficulty accepting the reality that their loved ones will die. In Kentucky, the virus has returned after more than 18 months after the outbreak began. Staff also reported that patients are sicker and more difficult to treat.

One other important distinction to make is this: Approximately 4,500 people live in Hazard, and the neighboring region of Perry County has been devastated by the illness. According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, Perry has one of the highest rates of new coronavirus infections per capita in the nation.